A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Amigurumi

If you’ve done any online searches of crochet projects, chances are you’ve encountered patterns for cute and cuddly animals in brightly colored yarns.  Known as ‘amigurumi,’ these patterns are what attract many people to try crochet in the first place.  Even though these tiny critters look fun and easy to make, without some basic fundamentals, … Read more

How To Crochet Rows Evenly: A Step-by-Step Guide

Woman is crocheing something

We all want our finished crochet projects to look as professional as possible.  That is one reason learning to crochet rows evenly is important for beginning crocheters.  Crocheting in uniform, straight rows create the smooth and polished look we all want from our projects. How do you learn to crochet rows evenly?  The step-by-step guide … Read more

How to Choose Yarn For Crochet

Different balls of yarn

Over time, experienced crocheters will tell you that choosing yarn for crochet can be just as much fun as creating the projects themselves.  The different types of fibers, colors, weights and styles of yarn on the market have exploded in recent years, making shopping for yarn a fun part of the creative process.  While it’s … Read more

27 Crochet Patterns for Dog Sweaters

Dog in a crochet sweater

If you’ve been to the pet store recently, you know how expensive boutique dog sweaters can be.  With some basic knowledge of crochet, you can skip the hefty price tag and create a cute and affordable dog sweater for your furry friend.  Keep your puppy warm in the winter or make a stylish gift for … Read more

How to crochet socks (for babies and cats)

Crochet socks

For whatever reason, there’s a common misconception that the only way to make those adorable little booties for babies and cats you see all over Instagram is with knitting needles.  In reality, crocheting socks for babies and cats are some of the easiest projects for learning more advanced crochet stitches and techniques like crocheting in … Read more

How to Make Your Yarn Go Further:  14 Tips and Tricks

Shelfs with a balls of yarn

Once you have the basic crochet supplies, yarn can often be the most expensive part of a crochet project.  Thankfully there are tips and tricks that can save money and help yarn go further.  Knowing these tips and tricks to help yarn go further can also help when in a pinch and you’re about to … Read more

How to Read Crochet: Patterns, Diagrams and Terms Explained

Crochet pattern

The first time you read a crochet pattern, it can feel like a foreign language.  Once you’ve mastered the basic stitches, the next step is to move into reading patterns and learning the common crochet terms.  Understanding how to read crochet patterns and diagrams can break open the options for new projects to make. How … Read more

How to Crochet Without a Crochet Hook – Tutorial

Wooden crochet hooks

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to crochet without a crochet hook?  A few years ago, finger crochet—a technique to create unique crochet projects without a hook—roared onto the DIY scene. Today there are tons of patterns and blog posts about how great it is to crochet without a hook. We’re joining in today … Read more

How to Crochet Bikinis

Woman in the ocean in a crochet bikini

How to Crochet Bikinis: Step by Step Guide! Thanks to some of the world’s most popular swimwear designers, crochet bikinis are one of the trendiest items to add to your summer wardrobe. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on a department store crochet bikini, if you’ve got a flair for DIY and know some crochet … Read more

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