The Best Yarns for Crochet

Stepping into a yarn shop right now can produce mixed feelings for many beginning crocheters.  With hundreds of different fibers, colors, and price ranges, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed with finding the best yarns for crochet projects.  But the growing selection of yarns on the market also means there’s never been a more exciting time to enjoy the hobby.

Even though you can crochet with anything from tiny silk threads to extra bulky yarns, there are a few gold-standards all crocheters should have in their yarn stash. Fiber type, weight, and texture are three things to consider when purchasing yarn.  Yarns that are easy to work with, affordable, and versatile also make the right choice to add to your stash.  Below you’ll find top-rated crochet yarns so you can spend less time shopping for the best yarns and more time crocheting!

The Top 5 Crochet Yarns Reviewed


Best All-Purpose Yarn

Lion Brand Yarn 24/7 CottonAmazon Link

Whether you’re just learning to crochet or you’re doing a favorite project for the tenth time, it’s good to have a trusted all-purpose yarn on hand.  Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton is a best seller among yarn enthusiasts for its versatility.  The 100% natural cotton, worsted-weight yarn comes in a rainbow of 24 different colors, perfect for garments, accessories, home decor, or kitchen and bath items.  It’s a good practice yarn for beginners to build up skills, and experienced crochets like how easily it works into beautiful, multi-color crochet stitches.

Lion Brand 24/7 also makes caring for finished projects effortless.  Garments and other beloved handmade items will stand up to multiple washes and still maintain the signature silky sheen that 24/7 yarn is known for.


  • Comes in 24 different bold signature colors
  • ‘Silky sheen’ to finished projects has the appearance of more expensive, high-end yarns
  • Soft but sturdy 100% natural cotton fiber


  • Even though it’s marketed as worsted-weight, the mercerization process actually makes this yarn closer to sport weight.
  • Some skeins may contain more knots than others on the market.

Best Yarn For Blankets

Bernat Blanket Yarn – Amazon Link

The best two words to describe Berna Blanket Yarn are cozy and soft.  This super bulky yarn works up quickly into warm, comfy blankets and throws, unlike any other commercially available yarn.  It’s also well-suited for different home decor projects that use super-bulky weight yarns like baskets, pillows, and wraps.  Bernat Blanket Yarn’s chenille-type texture comes in both variegated and solid shades, making it easy to find the perfect match for your home.

Finally, each skein sells in an extra-large ‘big ball’ size with 220 yards (201 meters) of yarn.  With a recommended large crochet hook (size L, 8 mm or larger), it won’t take long for you to make a snuggly addition to your home or a cozy gift for a loved one.


  • The ultra-soft yarn feels like a luxury, custom yarn
  • Wide range of colors, including many neutrals and earth-tones that match well with other decor.
  • Machine washable chenille holds up to repeated washings.
  • Super bulky weight yarn works up quickly, helping beginning crocheters accomplish their first few projects in less time.


  • Depending on the finished size of the project, blankets and throws can be quite heavy and not washable in a standard home washing machine.
  • Priced at $7+ per ball, it can be an expensive commitment for beginners.

Best Affordable Yarn

Red Heart Super Saver – Amazon Link

Red Heart yarns have been a favorite among crocheters for more than 30 years.  With a wide range of colors, including solids, variegated, and stripes, there’s something for every project.  The medium worsted-weight yarn is 100% acrylic meaning you’ll have the best wash performance for projects like amigurumi, wearables, and blankets.

But the best part about Red Heart Super Saver yarns is the price.  For the cost of most standard skeins, you get more than 380 yards of yarn.  It’s incredibly economical, especially for charity projects or beginners who may need to start and stop a few projects as they practice new stitches.


  • Some of the most affordable yarns on the market.
  • It comes in more than 100 different colors.
  • No dye-lot solids mean you’re guaranteed matching yarns over and over again.


  • Some find acrylic yarn more scratchy or harder on the hands.
  • Not suitable for baby projects or some delicate wearables.

Best Yarn For Yarn for Building A Stash

Mira Handcrafts 40 Mini-Skein Pack – Amazon Link

Have you always wanted to build a brightly colored yarn stash but never wanted to spend the money on hundreds of dollars of yarn?  Need lots of different colors for your projects but don’t have the storage for that many skeins?

Mira Handcrafts 40 mini-skein pack contains 40 different skeins of 100% acrylic yarns in 24 different colors, perfect for a beginner’s craft stash. Each brightly-colored skein includes 21.78 yards of light sport-weight yarn that’s suitable for a variety of various small projects, including granny squares, amigurumi, and multi-color accessories. The set also comes with downloadable project books to help beginners learn step-by-step crochet projects.

It’s worth noting though, these are sold as mini-skeins.  Even though the entire set costs about the same as two standard skeins of yarn, each one is much smaller.  If you intend to create larger projects like blankets or garments, this might not be the best option.


  • 24 different colors for less than the price of two standard skeins.
  • 100% acrylic yarn holds up well for multiple washings.
  • Small skeins are easy to carry while traveling
  • Good variety for small, multi-colored projects like amigurumi or granny squares.


  • Skeins are much smaller than a standard skein, each about the size of an egg.
  • Acrylic texture may not be as soft as other yarns.
  • Colors are not labeled.

Best Yarn for Baby Projects

Lion Brand Feels Like Butta Yarn – Amazon Link

How could you go wrong with a baby yarn named “Feels like Butta?”  Lion Brand Feels Like Butta yarn makes creating baby blankets, hats, and garments quick and easy.  With an ultra-soft chenille-like texture, the yarn is easy to work and high quality.  Most baby yarns are made with acrylic or cotton blends; however, Feels Like Butta is made from 100% polyester fibers ensuring that the ultra-soft texture won’t disappear with repeated machine washings.

Feels Like Butta yarns come in a set of soft pastel colors for babies and bolder colors for toddlers, kids, and adult garments.


  • Ultra-soft yarn that’s safe for baby skin.
  • Wide range of colors in both ‘baby’ colors and bolder shades.
  • Easy to work with for beginning crocheters.


  • More expensive than other baby yarns.
  • Smaller skein size

How to Choose the Best Yarns for Crochet

Now that you know the best yarn brands, how do you choose the best one for your project? To help find “the best yarns for your crochet project,” here are the two most important things you need to ask — yarn weight and fiber type.

All About Different Yarn Weights

All commercial yarns are sold with standard yarn weight or thickness.  Sizes range from #0 (lace or superfine) to #7 or jumbo.  Larger numbers equal heavier weights and thicknesses. When you’re buying yarn for a particular project, it will include a recommended weight of yarn and a recommended crochet hook.  You must match the suggested weight in your pattern with the weight of yarn you purchase.  Substituting yarns will make it difficult to draw the yarn through the hook, may change the size or dimensions of your finished product, or may make it impossible to finish the project.

All About Different Yarn Fibers

The second most important way to choose yarns for your crochet projects is by the material or ‘fiber’ type.  As mentioned in the list of best yarns above, you can purchase crochet yarns in both natural fibers (cotton, wool, mohair, bamboo) and synthetic fibers (acrylic, polyester, combination).

Different projects demand different fibers. Ultra-soft baby projects often use polyester, cotton, or combination yarns.  Projects that need to be washed over and over again might be better suited for acrylic or polyester yarns. There are pros and cons to each different type of fiber.  Learning about them before you buy yarn results in better-finished projects!

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