Best Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

For anyone with that experiences hand or wrist pain while crocheting, owning a set of high-quality ergonomic crochet hooks can make all the difference, increasing comfort and keeping you crafting longer. 

Ergonomic crochet hooks are designed with special features like soft, easy-to-grip handles or larger handles with unique curves.  These features help reduce the likelihood of discomfort for crocheters with hand pain issues like arthritis, carpal tunnel, or repetitive stress injuries. For the best ergonomic metal crochet hook, we recommend the Clover Armour Crochet Hook. For those that prefer wooden crochet hooks, and the luxurious Furls Streamline Crochet Hooks.

What goes into a quality ergonomic crochet hook? When buying the best ergonomic crochet hooks, several factors should go into consideration.  First, the grip and the shape of the handle should feel comfortable for your hand size and style of crochet.  Different brands of ergonomic crochet hooks use different handle shapes and grip material.  Some work better than others, depending on your hand tension and the way you grip a hook.  Second, consider what type of material you prefer your crochet hook to be made from.  Metal, aluminum, and plastic are common materials you’ll find in ergonomic crochet hooks.  Different materials will impact the weight of the hook with heavier hooks often leading to more hand pain.  Finally, you may wish to consider price.  Ergonomic crochet hooks vary widely in price. Depending on how many different size hooks you’ll need in your crafting stash and how often you crochet, price may be important.

Our Favorite Crochet Hooks!


Clover Armour Crochet Hooks

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Clover crochet hooks have been a gold-standard in the crochet world since the 1980’s.  The Armour Crochet hook comes in sizes 0.60 to 15.0 mm, making it one of the most versatile ergonomic hooks on the market.  The Armour hook grip is made from a soft, rubber-like material that gently heats from your hand warmth. The easy-to-grip handle can be used with both a pencil-grip or a knife-grip, whichever you prefer.  Clover promotes the 3D shape of the handle grip, allowing you to hold the crochet hook with less tension and ultimately preventing your hand from tiring as quickly.

We also love that the Clover Armour crochet hooks come in different colors for different size hooks.  Smaller sizes come in pastel colors and larger sizes in bright bold colors.  Both are easy to find in the bottom of a yarn bag.  The handles attach securely to a high-quality polished aluminum, allowing yarn to easily slide over the hook without snags or heavyweight.  And the best feature of the Clover Armour hooks?  They’re priced at a surprisingly low range of $3-6 per hook, well-below what many other hook brands charge for ergonomic styles.  It’s why we think the Clover Armour hooks are an all-around favorite for beginning and experience crochet enthusiasts alike.

Furls Streamline Crochet Hooks (Camwood, Rosewood, & Ebony Finishes)

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When it comes to ergonomic wooden crochet hooks, the Furls Streamline Crochet Hook is our top pick.  Furls Fiberarts, the manufacturer of these luxury crochet hooks has been refining ergonomic hooks for years.  Their Streamline crochet hook ranks at the top of our ergonomic list because of the weight and design of these solid wooden hooks.  The Streamline hooks are lightweight, each about 1 oz. and the signature teardrop handle fits snuggly into the hand.  Furls maintains that the teardrop shape distributes hand tension better throughout the entire body of the hook, creating a more comfortable crocheting experience.

While we didn’t collect any hard-core timings, many Furls users report they can actually crochet faster using the Streamline than a conventional crochet hook. The hooks are also a full 7 inches in length, allowing more complex stitches to easily slide on and off the hook.

So why didn’t Furls make the top of the list?  The hooks are currently not manufactured in all standard hook sizes, and some crocheters might balk at the high sticker price for the Streamline.  Although cheaper than some of Furls other custom hooks (the heirloom hooks start at $80 each), the Streamline cost still ranges from $16-20 per hook. For a complete set, expect to spend upwards of $150.

We do think for anyone with severe hand pain issues that keep you away from yarn crafting, the handcrafted quality of the Furls Streamline hooks is worth it, even if you only add a few of these higher priced hooks to your crochet collection.  We don’t think you’ll find the same experience with any other wooden crochet hook.

 addi Swing and Swing Maxi Crochet Hook

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If you’re looking for a more curved ergonomic design than either the Armour or Streamline hooks, then we’d recommend the addi Swing and add Swing Maxi hooks.  Addi has been manufacturing high quality crochet hooks in Germany since 1829.   Their ergonomic swing design is distinct, with a deep curve well-suited for those with arthritis and other wrist-pain issues.

At first the hooks almost appear like a toothbrush. The two-tone handles are made from a brightly colored soft plastic and a firmer white plastic.  The soft, easy-to-grip plastics are color coded by size making identifying the correct hook fast and easy.  The Swing and Swing Maxi differ by shaft lengths, with the Maxi adding a full half inch of metal shank.  This provides users with more customization for your hand length and for more complex stitches like treble and quadruple crochets.  At around $12-$20 each, the addi Swing and Swing Maxi are another affordable and quality option in the ergonomic market.

Caron Tulip Etimo Crochet Hooks

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Users of Tulip Etimo crochet hooks will swear by their “crochet-all-day” ergonomic design. While the hooks can be purchased individually, they are also sold in a complete set with carrying case.  At around $60 for the set, they are perfect for the beginner just getting started with crochet, a gift for a crochet friend, or an experienced crocheter looking to update to an ergonomic design. The manufacturer of Etimo hooks promote each is made with a ‘revolutionary and supremely comfortable’ handle with a unique ‘elastomeric’ material.  It’s neither soft or hard plastic, instead more of a firm, suede-like texture.  The hooks are also well-known to be durable, lasting for thousands of stitches without any wear on the metal shaft or handle.

What makes the Etimo hook different than standard crochet hooks?  These hooks are lightweight, lending to less hand fatigue and wrist pain.  The thumb grip works well for both knife-grip and pencil-grip crochet styles. And at a more approachable price point than many ergonomic hooks, they still offer quality without adding a lot of extra cost to a project.

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