The Best Crochet Threads That We’ve Reviewed

After beginning crocheters master the basic stitches and complete a few projects, many crocheters next start learning to crochet with threads instead of yarn.  Unlike yarns, crochet threads can be made into intricate patterns and delicate projects like lace and edging.  Crochet threads can also be made into jewelry and accessories. Not all crochet threads … Read more The Best Crochet Threads That We’ve Reviewed

The Best Crochet Magazines – 2020 Reviewed

Crochet magazines have long been the go-to place for beginners and experienced crocheters to find the latest techniques, trends, and patterns. Many crocheters prefer magazines over books, especially when your skill level advances quickly or when patterns go out of style. Delivered directly to your mailbox or your inbox, crochet magazines give readers fresh projects … Read more The Best Crochet Magazines – 2020 Reviewed

The Best Crochet Books – Our 2020 Picks!

For over one hundred years, people have been sharing the art and enjoyment of crochet in books. Today’s crochet books offer readers full-color photos, unique designs, and easy-to-understand pattern steps. But there’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing an expensive guide, only to find the book causes frustration or worse, unreliable patterns.  That’s why we’ve reviewed … Read more The Best Crochet Books – Our 2020 Picks!

Best Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Woman crocheting

For anyone with that experiences hand or wrist pain while crocheting, owning a set of high-quality ergonomic crochet hooks can make all the difference, increasing comfort and keeping you crafting longer.  Ergonomic crochet hooks are designed with special features like soft, easy-to-grip handles or larger handles with unique curves.  These features help reduce the likelihood … Read more Best Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

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