Is Crocheting Expensive? A Break Down of Costs

US dollars

Many people wonder just how expensive it is to start learning how to crochet. I’ll share with you the absolute necessities of the craft, how much you can expect to spend, and the average cost of each item. The total cost may surprise you in the end. So how expensive is it to begin learning … Read more

In Crochet, What Does Tog. Mean?

A crochet case for candle

When you are working from a crochet pattern, it is common to run across different abbreviations, most of which can look like a foreign language. Tog. is a common one that almost all crocheters will run into at some point. So what does tog. mean? Tog. is a common abbreviation that simply means together. By … Read more

20 Different Crochet Stitches

Crochet dolls

One of the many reasons I love crochet is the variety of different crochet stitches available to create unique projects.  With so many different options, there’s always a new stitch combination to learn and experiment.  By gradually adding new crochet stitches to your toolbox, you can keep expanding your skills and projects. So what are … Read more

Can You Crochet With a Knitting Needle?

Crochet item on the white background

Not long ago, a friend found herself in a tricky situation. While quickly grabbing a crochet project before running out the door, she left with knitting needles instead of a crochet hook. She shared the experience of trying to determine: is it possible to crochet with knitting needles? Unfortunately for her situation, the results were … Read more

What Are Crochet Stitch Markers?

Crochet Stitch Markers

If you have decided to begin crocheting, it is important to gather all the right supplies to be successful.  One of the supplies you might choose to purchase are crochet stitch markers. So what are crochet stitch markers? Crochet stitch markers are used in patterns that require a specific amount of stitches.  They are a … Read more

 The 15 Softest Crochet Yarns (and How to Use Them)

Different colorful types of yarn

There are so many options when it comes to choosing yarn for crocheting, and some it is softer and more luxurious to use than others. What are the softest yarns for crocheting? There are so many different fibers that can be spun into yarn these days, and they leave the final product soft and silky … Read more

Crochet Hook Sizes and Types-  The Ultimate Guide

Different crochet hooks

Getting to know the sizes and types of crochet hooks available on the market can make a big difference as you learn to crochet.  By learning the parts of a crochet hook and different sizes and materials can help you better understand the ways that projects and the process of crochet can change when you … Read more

What Are Long Crochet Hooks for?

White crochet napkins

When I was first introduced to crocheting, my great-aunt gave me a bunch of hand-me-down crochet hooks in various colors, materials, and sizes. While most were the same length, I wondered what the long crochet hooks were for. After a bit of research and a phone call to my aunt, I learned that there is … Read more

What Crochet Stitch Works Up the Fastest?

Woman in a crochet sweater

After several long weeks of crocheting and sewing, and I finally assembled a beautiful granny square afghan. However, my work wasn’t done. I needed a border, and I wanted to crochet it fast. Yet, I didn’t know whether a single crochet, a double crochet, or a completely different stitch work be the quickest choice. This … Read more

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