What Size Crochet Hook Do I Use? A Guide to Hook Sizes

Violet ball of yarn

So you saw the cutest little crochet teddy bear online and you say to yourself, “I can totally do that.” Then you realize that crocheting isn’t as simple as moving a needle back and forth on a piece of yarn. But you figure, what the heck, let’s go all in! Where do you start? Well, … Read more

Why is Crocheting Faster Than Knitting?

Wool Threads

Most people experienced in both knitting and crochet will tell you crochet is much faster than knitting.  In fact, one of the things beginners love most about crochet is how quickly you can complete projects. So why is crochet faster than knitting?  Crochet is generally faster than knitting because the stitches are larger.  Crochet is … Read more

Do Crochet Machines Exist?

Embroidery Machine

If you’ve been crocheting for a while or if you’re just developing an interest in yarn crafts, you may have wondered if crochet machines exist.  We have sewing machines and looms to create other types of fabric projects, so it’s natural to wonder if there’s a machine to automate the crochet process. Do crochet machines … Read more

Does Crochet Hook Size Matter?

A backet of balls of yarn

When first learning to crochet, one of the questions I asked my instructor was “Does it matter what size crochet hook I use?”  Based on the look on her face, the answer was clear: The size of the crochet hook does really matter to the outcome of your project.  Both in crochet and in knitting, … Read more

7 Excellent Crochet Books for Beginners

Seven books

Does crocheting take you back to a time in your childhood and stir up bittersweet memories and a warm fuzzy feeling? Do you love the idea of crocheting but need some help getting the hang of it? Then you need the best how to crochet book for beginners, to help you nurture this passion further. … Read more

Are Crochet Hooks Allowed On Airplanes?

A wing of a plane

Are Crochet Hooks Allowed On Airplanes? Some DIY friends and I recently debated this question over coffee:  Can you bring crochet hooks on an airplane? Not wanting to be caught off guard at my next visit to the airport, I decided to so some research on the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) regulations for crochet supplies. … Read more

9 Best Places to Learn to Crochet

A person is writing

9 Best Places to Learn to Crochet! Learning to crochet is easy, if you have the right resources. There are so many different ways to learn how to crochet, and there’s no “one size fits all” approach. In the world of todays modern technology, you can learn to crochet in whichever style that you learn … Read more

Are Crochet Blankets Safe for Babies?

A baby on the knitted blanked

Are Crochet Blankets Safe for Babies? When I was a new mother, I received a crochet blanket as a gift. Most people are given crochet blankets as gifts because they are handmade, beautiful, and usually come from a beloved friend or family member. But are crochet blankets safe? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, … Read more

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