63 Quick and Easy Crochet Patterns for Beginners

One thing you’ll learn as you’re learning to crochet is that there are thousands of different projects you can make.  From fun things to wear to functional items for the home, there’s no shortage of quick and easy crochet patterns for beginners available for free.  Once you know the basics, there’s nothing stopping you from making any one of the 63 patterns below.

Basic Crochet Stitches To Know

The patterns below assume that you know a few basics about crochet.  Before you get started, make sure you’ve mastered these stitches:

  • Slip knot (sl) – All crochet projects begin with a slip knot. Created on the crochet hook it’s not counted as a stitch, but is the foundation from which all projects begin.
  • Chain (ch) – The chain forms the foundation of each crochet project. Attached to a slip knot, the rest of the stitches in the pattern will be built upon the initial chain.
  • Slip stitch (sl st) – A slip stitch is less of a ‘stitch’ and more of a procedure to join stitches or to move to another part of a row without creating a stitch.
  • Single crochet (sc), Double crochet (dc) and Half double crochet (hdc) – These three stitches form the basics of all crochet patterns. Most crochet stitches are a simple variation or combination of these stitches.  Make sure you’ve mastered all three before you check out any of these patterns below.

63 Quick and Easy Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Fun Things to Wear

One of the first things that most beginners learn to crochet is something that they themselves can wear.  Check out these simple projects for scarves, hats, headbands, shawls, and wraps.

Scarves & Cowl Patterns

  1. Crochet Infinity Scarf – This crochet infinity scarf uses basic crochet stitches and doesn’t require shaping.  Worked in basic crochet stitches, it also has a simple shell border to practice some design work.
  2. 1 Skein, 30 Minute Scarf – If you need a low commitment, super fast project then try this beginner-approved pattern from YarnHookNeedles. The pattern includes a YouTube tutorial if this is your first crochet project.
  3. Easy Grid Lace Crochet Scarf Pattern – Made with any medium weight yarn you have on hand, this is the perfect crochet pattern for you to learn how to combine chain stitches, single crochet, and double crochet stitches.
  4. Men’s Classic Scarf Pattern – If you’re looking for a simple crocheted project for that special guy in your life, consider this classic men’s scarf pattern. Made with chain stitch, single crochet stitch and slip stitch, it’s great for all beginners to practice basic skills.  It also includes a matching hat pattern to make a gift set.
  5. Supersized Chic Cowl – Made to drape around your neck twice for an extra cozy feel, this cowl pattern has a finished circumference of 75” perfect for those fall outfits. Made with medium weight yarn, the pattern recommends choosing a fiber with a little extra sparkle.

Hat Patterns

  1. Big Pom Slouchy Hat – One thing that discourages beginning crocheters from making hats is getting the tight-fitting sizing correct. This slouchy hat pattern takes out the challenge of increasing and decreasing by working the rows down the length of the hat and joining the last row at the top.  Secured with a pompom to finish it’s a fun project for bright and colorful yarns.
  2. Messy Bun Hat – Like to wear hats but don’t like a squished ponytail? This hat works quickly in bulky yarn.  The band of the hat is crocheted in rib stitching followed by a crown that leaves a small hole at the top for your ponytail. The pattern includes sizes for adults and children.
  3. One Hour Crochet Hat Pattern – If you need a winter gift in a pinch, this hat pattern from Make & Do Crew promises to be an ultra-fast option for any friend or family member. It’s a basic hat pattern for any beginner with instructions on how to finish your hat’s look with a trendy faux fur pom pom.
  4. Granny Stitch Hat – Made with jumbo weight yarn, the designer promises this hat pattern is easy enough to complete while binge-watching your favorite television show. It’s a fun technique to practice contrasting color work and using a bulky weight crochet hook.
  5. Freshman Crochet Hat – This simple oversized hat from medium weight yarn was created for college campus life in mind. The hat is worked in one large piece and then sewn together to form a tube-shape.  The tube is then joined together on one end to form a slouchy and stylish hat.

Headband Patterns

  1. Free Crochet Headband – If you’re looking for a last-minute option to beat the cold, this quick and easy headband pattern works up quickly. It’s stitched in a rectangular shape and then the two ends of the headband are joined together with a simple slip stitch.  The pattern is sized to fit both men and women.
  2. Light n Lacy Braided Headband – Worked with two strands of wool yarn and double crochet, this headband works up quickly. It’s an easy pattern that can be added to your summer accessories in any color to match your style.
  3. Hope Earwarmer – This cozy headband pattern from Yarn & Chai is perfect for the beginner crocheter. It works up quickly and fits tightly. The added button joins the seam together for a cute bow-shape detail.
  4. Crochet Bow Headband – Beginners will enjoy this pattern as they learn to work with yarn tension. Gauge isn’t essential for this 3 piece bow-style headband.  Make the band, bow, and then secure the pieces together with a simple crocheted tied center.
  5. Puffed Crochet Headband – This pattern from Rescued Paw Designs works up with extra bulky yarn and a basic textured stitch. It uses half double and single crochet stitches and can be made in under 20 minutes.

Shawls & Wrap Patterns

  1. Peony Shawl – This beginner pattern from Red Heart Yarn is made with a lightweight yarn, perfect for a summer wrap. The project is made with a single skein yarn and easy crochet stitches like chain and half double crochet.
  2. Shivering Chic Shawl – This shawl pattern is sure to become a favorite pattern as you gain more practice with beginning crochet techniques. The pattern starts at the top center and crochets outward to the triangle points of the shawl. Finish each end with a fun yarn tassel.
  3. Very Easy Ripple Shawl Pattern – Beginners will love this pattern because it’s made by repeating just two rows of stitches over and over. Once you’ve got the basic pattern of single and double crochet, you’ll cruise to the finish of this shawl pattern with elegant ripple patterning throughout.
  4. One Skein Wrap – Single crochet and double crochet stitches are all you’ll need to know to create this wrap pattern. Made with just one skein of medium weight yarn, it can be completed in a weekend and is a great accessory for any wardrobe.

Fun Things to Carry

If you like to show off your crochet projects to friends and families, then making fun accessories to carry around are the perfect patterns to try.   These quick and easy patterns for purses and bags, cell phone and tablet holders, keychains, and wallets will have your friends asking for their own handmade accessories.

Purse & Bag Patterns

  1. Color Block Bag Pattern – Color blocking is a simple technique that combines multiple contrasting yarn colors in geometric patterns to create unique designs. This purse pattern uses single crochet and Suzette stitches to create a fun modern purse pattern.  It’s also great beginning pattern to give to a youth or teen crocheter as they begin the hobby.
  2. Bella Clutch – The best part about this purse pattern is how quickly you’ll be able to finish it. The pattern forms the purse by making a large rectangle piece of single crochet stitches.  The finished fabric block is then folded and sewn along the seams to form the clutch.  A pom-pom or loop handle is added to one end for a fun detail on the finished bag.
  3. Market Tote Bag – This oversized hobo-style bag is perfect for your next trip to the farmer’s market or the bookstore. It’s made with a quick and easy double crochet stitch series and will work up for a fun weekend project.
  4. Blossom Beach Bag – Need a large catch-all bag for your next beach trip? Pack your towel, a change of clothes, and flip flops all in this large, stretchy-fabric tote bag.  Made with V-Stitch and worked from the bottom up to the handles, it’s a great project for a beginner crocheter.
  5. Easy Ballerina Bag – If you’ve got a kid at home that loves to carry a purse to and from dance class, this ruffly ballerina bag is a perfect DIY project. Made with two colors of contrasting cotton, the easy pattern will hold her treasures in the most stylish of ways.

Cell Phone & Tablet Cozy Patterns

  1. Crochet Sunshine Stripes Cell Phone Holder – Keep your cell phone handy, clean and dry with this crochet cellphone holder. The beginner pattern is worked using two colors of cotton yarn for a fun stripe style. It also includes the option to make a glasses case and a small coin purse in matching colors.
  2. Mobile Phone Baglet – If you’re interested in learning more about textured crochet stitches, consider this fun pattern using double crochet cluster stitches. They create a unique ribbed texture for this cell phone holder.  Make the front and back of the purse and then finish it with a crochet chain of contrasting yarn.
  3. Rainbow Stripes Tablet Case – Bright cotton yarns and a zig-zag pattern. What could be a better way to protect your tablet and cell phone in style?  Check out these easy patterns to keep your gadgets stylish and safe.
  4. Crochet Phone Cozy Pattern – This cell phone sleeve pattern from Wild Fingers Crochet is made in a spiral shape with single crochet stitches. Pattern instructions include how to customize it to your own cell phone size.
  5. Cherry on Top Phone Cozy – If you’ve been interested in learning how to add embroidery details on to your crochet projects, try this easy cell phone cozy pattern. It’s created in double crochet stitches and then a cherry motif is cross-stitched to the case.

Keychain & Wallet Patterns

  1. Smiley Emoticon Key Chain – Red Heart yarns promises you’ll always have a smile in your pocket with these adorable smiley face keychains. The pattern is created by crafting two separate head pieces in rounds, and then embroidering on a smiley face in contrasting yarn. The pieces are sewn together with a whipstitch and then attached to a split key ring.
  2. Santa Gift Card Holder – Put that special surprise under the tree or in the stocking with this fun holiday gift cardholder. Made in red and black contrasting yarns, the project uses single crochet to form the quick and easy wallet shape.
  3. Heart Key Chain – A great Valentine’s Day gift, this heart is crocheted with cotton yarn in a quick and easy pattern that’s great to use up leftover yarn. The hearts are worked in two pieces and then sewn together.
  4. Crochet Change Purse – This first-time crochet project is great for the ultimate beginner. Made by crocheting a rectangle piece of single-crochet fabric, the stitches are then folded to form the coin purse.  Finish by sewing on a button and loop buttonhole to keep this 5” by 4” coin purse tidy in your bag.

Fun Things for the Home

Many people learn to crochet to create functional items to use around the home.  Patterns for dishtowels and hand towels are some of the first patterns that many beginners make. When you’re finished making a set of towels for the kitchen, consider trying other fun things for the home including mug warmers, blankets, and baskets.

Dishtowels & Hand Towel Patterns

  1. First Project Crochet Washcloth – This pattern from Mama in a Stitch is called a ‘true beginner’ pattern for a reason. If you’re looking for your very first crochet project, start with this basic washcloth. It can be worked in cotton dishcloth yarn or acrylic yarn for a bit more scrub texture.
  2. Washcloth Set Crochet Pattern – If you’re looking for a nice gift to add to a friend’s spa gift basket, consider this pattern for a quick and easy washcloth set from Cream of the Crop Crochet. Made in just 31 rows of single and double crochet, they’re a great project for any beginner.
  3. Wide Stripes Wash Cloths – Made with textured cotton dishtowel yarn, these striped wash clothes are basic patterns perfect for any first project. They can be used in either the kitchen or the bathroom for an exfoliating face towel.  Choose your favorite colors or the best tones to match your home decor to complete the three-strip design.
  4. Crochet Hand Towel – This pattern for a kitchen hand towel is worked in pique stitch a modified single crochet stitch. Worked in four, bold yarn colors to match your kitchen decor, the pattern is great for any beginner looking to learn more about basic color work.

Mug Warmer Patterns

  1. 10 Minute Beginner Coffee Cozy – When I first learned to crochet, this was one of the first projects I practiced. Coffee cozy sleeves can be made in around 10 minutes and are a great way to practice stitches with chunky and super chunky weight yarns.
  2. Go Green Cozy – Made with any two colors of bulky yarn, this crochet cozy works up quickly and gives you the chance to show off your eco-friendly side the next time you’re at the coffee shop. Save the paper liner and bring along one of these mug warmers for you and a friend.
  3. One Stitch Mug Cozy – If you’re interested in an upgrade for your standard coffee or tea mug, make this quick cozy using just half double crochet stitches. Add a button to wrap the cozy around your mug.
  4. Cuppa Coffee Mug Cozy – Crocheted with super chunky weight yarn and buttons to fasten, you can make a full collection of these mug warmers to give as gifts for family and friends.

Blanket & Basket Patterns

  1. Beginner Crochet Throw – Start and finish this beginner blanket project in a weekend. Made with a solid color of bulky weight yarn, the project takes a classic color and works it in a simple combination of single and double crochet stitches.  The pattern also allows a beginner to practice adding a crochet edging to projects for a nice finished touch to the blanket.
  2. Brookston Jumbo Basket – This giant basket pattern is worked in thick jumbo weight yarns. It’ll work up quickly and is an easy way for a beginner to practice some shaping techniques.  Finished dimensions of the basket are 8” height by 47” circumference.
  3. Usami Baskets – Sometimes beginners find the process of crocheting baskets in the round to be challenging. This pattern for small and large-sized baskets is instead made in pieces (first the base and then four sides).  The pieces are then crocheted together using slip stitches for a quick and easy basket.  They’re a great size to carry your yarn and crochet hooks on the go.
  4. Gentle Waves Blanket Pattern – If you’ve struggled with blanket patterns in the past or you’re looking for the ultimate step-by-step guide to crocheting an afghan, this is the pattern for you. The pattern is 16 pages and includes photos for each step including the stripes pattern and the blanket edging.

For Your Pets

Don’t let your furry baby miss out on the crochet fun!  These patterns for pets make the perfect crochet projects because they work up quickly and easily.  Try out these fun pet patterns for your four-legged friend.

Pet Sweaters & Socks

  1. Doggie Shrug – If you’re looking for a modified sweater, try this simple pattern for a doggie shrug. It’s an easy pattern, made by forming the front two sleeves and joining them with a small crocheted fabric over the front shoulders.  A two-tone crochet flower is attached at the end for a decorative doggie ‘broach’.
  2. Crochet Dog Sweater Sized up to 2XL – Large dog sweater patterns can be difficult to find online. This pattern from Make and Do Crew works up in sizes XXXS to 2XL, with a handy guide to measure exactly the right size for your furry friend.  Just make sure you copy the pattern size carefully since there are so many options to crochet in all different sizes.
  3. Pooch Poncho – If your dog would prefer not to have their paws in a sweater with sleeves, consider this crochet pattern for a poncho-style sweater. The pattern is a beginner level and crocheted in the round starting with the collar.  A ruffled edging is added to the bottom of the poncho to finish the look.
  4. Kitten Mittens – Made with tiny paws in mind, these kitten mittens were inspired by a fake commercial for Kitten Mittons that debuted on the show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. The humorous take on the ad shows how to make these tiny booties to quiet your cat’s paws.  A simple baby bootie style pattern these are quick to crochet using the one-size-fits-all pattern.
  5. Crochet Pet Leg Warmers – These simple leg warmers work up quickly because you don’t need to worry about shaping a toe or a heel. Stitched with two different yarn colors in a cute striped patter, they’re good for a cat who might not tolerate a full sock on each paw.
  6. Crochet Paw Protectors – Using a lightweight cotton yarn and ribbon tie, these paw protectors will fit dogs or cats. The easy-to-make pattern includes some handy tips on how to measure your pet’s foot for best bootie size.
  7. Bow-Tie Kitten Mittons – Another easy kitten mitten pattern, this time made with sport weight yarn in two contrasting colors. Create the bootie with one and then create a chain in the contrasting color to form a ribbon.  Thread the ribbon through the last row of the cuff and tie tightly around your kitten’s paws.
  8. Best Friend Booties – These booties are crocheted in a spiral with a fun lacy cuff worked in a contrasting color. Sized for cats or a small dog, these booties also have a nice cord attached to the cuff to keep them securely fastened to your pet’s foot.

For Your Little Ones

Crocheting gifts for a new arrival has been a popular tradition for decades.  Baby patterns are perfect for beginners because they work up quickly and are good ways to practice beginner techniques.  Check out these patterns for baby sweaters, socks, hats, toys, and blankets.

Baby Accessories

  1. Red Heart Crochet Baby Socks – For a basic introduction to crocheting baby socks, try this ribbed top baby sock pattern. The easy skill level will give you a chance to practice forming a toe and heel as well as sizing up the ribbed cuff.
  2. Quick and Easy Baby Socks – Like the idea of using up those partial skeins of baby yarn you have left from another project? These quick and easy crochet baby socks work up with less than a full skein of sport-weight yarn.  It’s the best pair of baby socks to match that blanket or sweater you’ve already finished.
  3. Super Chunky Booties – Using the double crochet foundation stitch and a double crochet back post stitch, these adorable booties are made with super chunky or super bulky baby yarn for an ultra-fast baby gift. The booties are secured with a fold-over flap around the cuff and a decorative button.
  4. Jonna Martinez Fast Baby Socks – With more than 150,000 views on YouTube, this is one of the most trusted baby sock crochet video tutorials available.  In 15 minutes you’ll learn the process start to finish to crochet a fast baby sock.
  5. Little Baby Socks – With sizes for 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months, these booties are great for learning how to adjust gauge and sizing. The unique cuff pattern includes a ribbon weaved through the last round of stitches and tied in a bow at the ankle.  The perfect touch to keep these socks snug on your tiny bundle.
  6. Crochet Newborn Caps – Made with no seams to finish, these tiny crocheted caps are a great project for beginners looking to make a special gift for a newborn. The pattern is crocheted in the round, completing the finished hat in 20 rounds.

Baby Blankets & Toy Patterns

  1. Fast, Free, Easy Crochet Baby Blanket – If you’re not quite ready to commit to a full-sized adult blanket pattern, this crochet baby blanket is a good place to start. It uses single crochet and chain stitches in an easy repeated pattern to create a simple baby blanket. The pattern has sizes for preemies, newborns, and toddlers for maximum customization.
  2. Personalized Baby Blanket – Your friends and family will love this easy striped baby blanket that includes an extra-special personalization. The pattern includes instructions to create block letters A-Z so you can customize the blanket with the name of the newborn. It’s a great pattern for a beginner to practice embroidery techniques.
  3. Baby’s First Beach Ball – Made with ultra-soft baby yarn and stuffed with fiberfill, this is a well-tested pattern to practice basic toy creation techniques. The finished ball measures 13” circumference, the perfect size for tiny hands to play with.
  4. Summer Waves Baby Blanket – The chevron ripple pattern is often one of the first stitch patterns that beginners learn once they’ve mastered the basics. Made with ultra-soft baby yarns, you can customize this pattern for whatever size stripes and blanket that’s best for your little one.


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