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    Just a Little Late

    I said I was going to post right after Christmas to show you what ornaments I made for my family. Well, it IS after Christmas...almost Valentine's Day...but let's not get picky. The fact is that I have been pretty busy with other things to do (NOT crocheting ), not only for myself, but for my mom too. Plus I've started a really neat dragon (one of the six presents for my sister's grandchildren) that's been giving me fits! I usually don't have such problems with patterns, but the yarn is black and I do most of the work in the evening. Bad combination, I guess.

    Anyway, I had found a super cute snowman pattern from Repeat Crafter Me and I knew it would be this year's ornament. I used sport weight yarn instead of the recommended worsted weight, so I had to add a couple rows in the head and body to keep the size. I didn't have any cute buttons to use for the hats, or any orange yarn for the nose. I used red yarn and wrapped it around the hat like a ribbon, and cut a strip of cardboard and rolled it to fill the inside of the hat - I felt it gave the hat more definition than fiberfill. I really lucked out for the nose. I found Purple Pirate Studios on Etsy, and she makes half inch polymer clay carrot noses! They were perfect! All I did was rub the flat end against an emery board and put a generous amount of tacky glue on that end, place the nose on the face, hold it for 30 seconds and then let it dry. My snowmen with the hat were about 4 inches high, and the half inch noses were just right. I also gave them thicker multi-colored scarves. Maker's Note - Snowmen's eyes look better if they're a little close together. I don't know why, but they do.

    Just a Little Late-20191120_153518-2-jpg

    Just a Little Late-20191224_134659-copy-2-jpg

    I have also finished the German Shepard for one of the granddaughters. It's the best one I could find (pattern by AmberCraftStore on Etsy); however, the pattern could've been better written and there could've been more/better photos for clearer explanation. I figured everything out, but this pattern is definitely for the intermediate if not advanced amigurumi crocheter. The only thing I'm really not happy with are the front legs. I feel they should have an extension to create a shoulder that would blend better into the body (the dragon pattern has this). If I have time, I'll rework the front legs so they look better.

    Just a Little Late-20200124_134816-copy-jpg

    Well, I'd better get going - that dragon isn't going to make itself! Then I still have an even more advanced dragon to make (I saved the hardest for the last), plus I offered to make a Baby Yoda for my niece. Everything has to be made by Easter.

    And then I will exhale.

    Happy crocheting!

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    How adorable! I love the crochet snowmen with different colored scarves! And, the dog looks wonderfully created!

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    Nova, You have been busy, amazing work they look so real the snowmen are cute and the dog is adorable.

    I just replied to you on another post asking if you finished your projects yet? I guess you have and what a nice project they are.

    Love them,

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