Hi Spoula,
I was just going to take a couple or three rows apart to see why it (the blue circle was more like a hexagon) had a ss and ended up taking the rest of it apart because each row had a ss. I started over and did a magic circle ch 1 and 8 sc in the circle but then whether I did a ss or not I had more than 8 sts on the next rnd. I tried that a few times and then took that out and tried crocheting on both sides of a chain and I tried crocheting in rows w/the ribbon yarn. I also made a magic circle with the blue yarn and crocheted the ribbon yarn around the circle but I was using a 15 inch piece of ribbon yarn (the end piece of the ribbon yarn that was left from crocheting the second scarf that I crocheted w/ribbon yarn) I have 1 skein of ribbon yarn left (there was 2 skeins of the ribbon yarn in with the yarn someone gave me). I ended up tying the ends - of the 15 inch piece of ribbon yarn- together. Just took it apart to measure. I had measured it while it was still tied but thought I would cut it apart to measure and then I tied the ribbon yarn again.
I could use it for a bracelet. It's big for a bracelet but easier to get over my hand when it's bigger.

No, we're not where the flooding is.