I end up with 15 chain 4 loops instead of 16 chain 4 loops. I made this before. Never mind. I figured this out. I have 2 ch 4 loops to do yet not 1 ch 4 loop like I thought. Thanks for looking. The pattern is the 'more v's please' It's a 12 inch square. I don't know if I'll crochet all the rows - if I want it 12 inches or not. I'm crocheting with a H hook but I see it's supposed to be a I hook. I don't have the crochet hook size printed out so I didn't think it mattered what crochet hook size. I looked it up on the computer and found out what size crochet hook I was supposed to be using. Maybe I'll do one more row with the H hook and then switch to a I hook because that's where I'm going to change color. They don't want the pattern copied and put on another website but you can google the pattern.