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Thread: Crochet Needles

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    Crochet Needles

    Hi. I'm a new poster and my name is Carol. I wanted to respond about the crochet needles. I like to crochet with Lion's Home bulky yarn, and I find that the Susan Bates needles are so much better for me because the Boye needles have a pointed hook on them, and they keep catching on the yarn. I also use plastic needles, and they just glide in and out of the yarn with no problem. The point on the Susan Bates needles are more rounded and don't seem to catch on the yarn. Hope this helps someone else.

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    Welcome to the group! It is great to have you as a member! I really appreciate the info you gave on crochet needles! I greatly appreciate it! I look forward to reading more about your crochet experiences!

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