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  1. Hi Winnie, I've briefly rolled through...

    Hi Winnie, I've briefly rolled through Lynchburg. I liked the hills that surrounded the city, they framed the sky nicely. I am from out West and I miss seeing the mountains. Right now I am in...
  2. Crochet Necklace that holds your sunglasses

    The weather here in Virginia is already beginning to heat up, and I have traded in my glasses for contacts and sunglasses. Every summer I fight the battle of what to do with my sunglasses when I am...
  3. X-marks the spot; crochet drop earrings free pattern.

    Who wants to crochet an afghan or sweater when it’s so hot outside that your palms start to sweat just thinking about yarn? Not this girl… Here’s a fun spring/summer project to get your crochet...
  4. A crochet answer to a sewing problem...

    I followed a free tutorial for making this bina wrap months ago, but was frustrated when the snaps kept pulling out of the garment, I tried other measures but none were successful. For months this...
  5. Sweater Weather - Free Crochet Pattern

    This project was designed around a granny square, turning that afghan staple into a fun, modern, fitted wearable project.

    GSOL: March Project – Sweater Weather | Cre8Tive Together
  6. Thank you!

    Thank you!
  7. Lacy Boot Cuffs - Take your boots into spring with this Free Crochet Pattern

    These boot cuffs are extremely versatile and can be worn with jeans, leggings, tights, or bare legs. Easily made in an evening.

    Lacy boot cuffs – Free pattern | Cre8Tive Together

    Kristin of...
  8. Flirty Flutter - Free Crochet Pattern for a spring top

    Poncho is such an unfeminine word, and this project is technically a poncho – but it is definitely feminine and fun. Lets give the name poncho a little burial and come up with a word that sounds...
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    Sorry! It's my first time posting. Here it is:

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    Wandering Path Welcome Mat

    During the spring we all come out of our houses like hibernating bears and survey our dwellings. Here is a little project to spruce up your doorway and invite friends and family alike into your...
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