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  1. Hope your Birthday is a Great One and Many more. Chat some time?? Susan2014
  2. Hope you got my Square for Sept. ? Sent the 9th of sept. Hows your summer so far? Susan2014
  3. Dropping by to say Hey and I hope that you will have a wonderful and blessed weekend. I also hope that you had a wonderful birthday get away.

    :) Debbie
  4. Hey Susan, you two have fun and enjoy. See you later.

    :) Debbie
  5. Hi Blueeyes I alwasy forget to check here on profile, sorry. Im glad your weather is warmer. Mn I give up, temp in upper 20 to 30 and coolas ther 's a breeze!!. yes a nice week-end. Im leaving for an over night (BD) get away with hubby. So see you late Thursday. Susan MJ
  6. Hey Susan,
    Stopping by to say hey and hope that you had a great weekend. It was finally warm weather here all weekend. But maybe getting snow tomorrow. Will see when I wake up. LOL! I am so ready for it to get warm and stay that way.

    Your Friend,
    :) Debbie
  7. Happy Valentine's Day ❤️
  8. Hey Susan, thank you for the friendship. My name is Debbie. Hope you are having a good day.
  9. Hi friend i see I was accepted. Thanks for our friendship.

    Susan M J
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