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  1. Happy-Happy Birthday !! hope you have a quiet & Fun Day Take it OFF & Go CELEBRATE!!

  2. Thanks Susan! Hope you are doing well! It is amazing the year is already one fourth of the way past us! Thanks - Barbara :0)
  3. Hi barbi Easter in a few weeks wow! time goes fast, Mothers Day next. Have a restful week-end. SMJ
  4. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!
  5. Your welcome Barbara and very well understood.

    HUGS------Susan M J
  6. Hello,

    I will add some info here shortly for a September/October swap. Things have been crazy here! Thanks for the reminder!
  7. Barbara a question on swap Partners, Are we having a AUGUST SWAP??? June/July was last and I went to check on sign up?? Know your BUZZZZY LOL SMJ

    P.S ... under my profile pic I cant see writing and I did check my LIGHTEN BUTTON under your I barely see ?? ME or??
  8. Good Day Barbara Just letting you know your thought about (hi to kids) Were here to help out. Get well / easy OK xoxox HUGS & Prayers
    Susan M J
  9. Hi Barbar I hope you received my Pkg. I was told last Thursday it should get there? Just in case I should track it?? HUGS
    Susan M J
  10. Barbara Hi wanted you to know I am praying for Tori and all of you. Thought of her today & Wed. God Bless and make her Healthy and Well SOON. xxxooo to you Tori. We're taking care of our selves till you get back. Love to you Susan M
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