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  1. Hello Larisa! I apologize for the time it has taken to reply to your message. I fell on the ice Feb. 20th and am still in a lot of pain. I fell backwards and slammed my shoulders against a cement step off my front porch and have had chronic pain in my neck, shoulder and down my right arm and hand since then. I am finally able to see the Dr. this coming Friday (March 14th)! I hope the Dr. will be able to help me get out of pain after waiting so long for an appt.

    I see you are Russian and living in the Ukraine. That is a hotbed of controversy politically lately. I pray you are in a safe area where you live? I hope you find happiness with your birds and your needle craft at least. I want to learn more new stitches, but am a novice at crochet, so must be patient and learn at my own pace.

    Yes, there are lots of wild animals and birds here in the wooded areas near my home. Hopefully soon Spring will come! :)

  2. Hello Donna! I am Russian live in Ukraine and hate it. I watch biathlon and only biathlon competitions. I wish I had more birds but cannot afford them. Moreover Peter will not agree. Yes I make filet doilies these days. I like other stitches too. I want to make one doily in ireland style... Do you have wild animals and birds around? == Larisa
  3. Hello Larisa!

    So you are in Russia then? I am enjoying watching the Olympics on t.v. here.
    Amazing all the work it takes to be a host country for the Olympics. I used to
    have a number of birds some years ago. I had 2cockatiels, several Grey-cheek
    Parakeets, a Pacific parrotlet, a Rainbow Lory, and a Maximillian's Pionus. My
    favorites were the Grey-cheek parakeets. I loved that Rainbow Lory too, but he
    was a very messy bird due to his liquid diet. You can well imagine!! I am of French
    and Native American ancestry but am English speaking as my primary language.
    Do you do any filet crochet, Larisa? I am not ready for something so advanced yet,
    but I do hope someday to learn. Have a wonderful day! ~ A friend, Donna
  4. Hello! I see you are friendly! I really appreciate this. I live in Post Soviet... you can imagine... I have 2 lovebirds and 3 budgerigars... I will put some pictures to your thread (in Forum). I love French language but do not have time to learn. I know only Ce est l'hiver and Ce est l'ete May be I am lazy but I cannot get time to learn -- Have a good day == larisa
  5. Hello Larisa! :) Nice to meet you! I am brand new to the Crochet Talk forum.
    I have sent you a friend request. I am from Massachusetts in the United States.
    Where in Eastern Europe are you located? Would love to hear more about your
    birds and see pics of your doilies! The ones on your profile and avatar are simply
    beautiful! I have some beautiful OLD doilies crocheted by my great aunt who
    passed away almost 40 years ago. They are treasured keepsakes. :)
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