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    I crocheted the letter M

    I followed this video. I'm finishing up a hat for my neighbor's husband and I told her I could crochet a strip and shape it into the letter M to go on the top of the hat. It's in the Michigan colors. I could crochet 2 rectangles w/straight edges and 2 pieces w/one side decreased so it's at an angle and then sew them together for the letter M. On this video, the letter M is all crocheted in one piece but I want it wider or maybe I should ask my neighbor first. I could crochet around it to make it wider. It's going to be a football hat in the Michigan colors. I did the letter M in yellow. I could put blue around it but the hat is blue.

    If you do this, when it says to ch 13 you need to ch a few more because you'll need 15 sc's.
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