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Hi everyone. I am new here but I've been crocheting for many years and I need your advise. I have started a throw using the Red Heart Ombre yarn. I have finished with the first skein and need to start with another skein. The skein I finished with ended in the light blue and the other skeins start with the dark blue. I'm undecided how to start with the next skein. Should I find the light blue in the new skein and start with it or should I just join the light blue with the dark on a new row? In my mind, it looks like it would be too much of a color change to start with the dark when I finished with the light. Has anyone used this yarn with large projects and if so, how or where did you join the new skeins in with the end of your last when they are opposite colors?
I would start a new skein at a similar color change point. Save the cutoff section, for another yarn change, if needed.