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    I'm horrible at reading patrerns, and just kind of look and try to figure it out on my own. I will say almost every pattern has one part where you just kind of say "huh". It does get easier. The previous post is correct, most patterns make sense to the person writing them but it's hard to read for others. Everyone has their own style and part of the challenge is decifering it into terms you can understand lol! I'm sure it looks great! You will be able to tell but I guarantee you 99% of the time no one will ever know if there is an error somewhere in the finished product. Plus it's just an experience that'll only make you better. Best wishes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jammie View Post
    Has anyone made the soapy owl dishcloth that is presented in 25 fun dishcloths? I am on the making of the head and i do not understand the part where it says

    2sc in each of 1st 3sc.
    I don't know what that means by 1st?

    Could someone please explain this to me?

    Thank you!
    I read Increase (2sc) in of the next 3 stitches. If it does not do this for the whole row it would make sense. To crochet a flat circle there must be incresses to keep it flat.

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    oval pattern

    Thank you for helping! I looked up a generic oval pattern as that was basically what I was doing was an oval. and Yes, an increase needed to be done because it needed to lay flat. I finished the Owl, however, with my beginning skills of crocheting it doesn't look the greatest. It is still cute, but the head is a little quirked. The shape of the body looks great, the shape of the nose looks great, they eyes too. But the oval is a little off and I sewed it on a little quirked. But I only started crocheting after many years just about a month ago, so I think it is a great start.

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    You crochet 2 sc in EACH of the 1st 3sc of the beginning of your new row. That will increase the circle.

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