Maggimay55, I am looking at the pattern instructions for the right and left side of the bands. I didn't see anything that says to chain 3 in the corner. At this point in the pattern you are attaching your yarn at the top of the right side.

(You are not chaining 3 in the corner. You are joining your yarn and then chaining 3 to start your row around the neck)

Instructions or the right side is this. Chain 3, turn working in the back loops only, dc in each stitch to the corner, ch1, turn working loosely, slip stitch in each stitch to the end, fasten off.

Left side is the same as right side except you are joining the yarn in top left hand corner at neckline, chain 3, working in back loops only, dc in each stitch to end, ch 1 working loosely, sl st ito end, fasten off.

Hope this makes sense if not send me a message of exactly what you are trying to do and where you are at currently and we will get this done together.