I made some brownies and they're better than the box mix you buy in the store.


I put a half of a bag of Toll House Milk Chocolate Chips in the brownies. I didn't put in any walnuts. I had the timer on for 20 minutes and when the timer went off I wasn't able to get it right away. when I did check it, the toothpick didn't come out clean so I figured it wasn't done and closed the oven door but then I got to thinking that I want the brownies moist and maybe they were done and would harden as it cools. So I took the brownies out of the oven ( I had the oven at 325 degrees cause I had the brownies in a glass pan and when you bake in a glass pan the oven is supposed to be 25 degrees lower. The oven was already set at 325 degrees.)