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    Welcome back, Nova.

    Magnificent, all of them. The first one (bunny)I made something similar, 16" in height I think, decades ago during my First Phase of Crocheting (it lasted 20 years from a teenager, then I quit) and I was amazed at how much effort and work it took.

    Oh, those lucky kids. I especially prefer the black cat. I find it hard to crochet with really dark yarn, though. I have one weak eye and need bright light when working. Do you have any challenge with dark yarn??

    Happy Christmas to you. I hope that you will be surrounded by family and friends! Nothing like a happy houseful!

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    Nice to hear from you, MeToo! and thank you for the compliments. Yes, these stuffed animals really took me much longer than I expected - I started them in September/October 2019. This is the first time I worked with black yarn and it is challenging. I have magnifiers and I bought a really bright LED spotlight lamp to help me. The only thing worse than black yarn is furry yarn because it is really hard to see the stitches through the fur. I don't use much of that either!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! My mom and I will be going over to my brother's family for dinner. We see my brother and SIL on a weekly basis, and their 2 kids are in college but they go remotely, so they are in our group of people. My sister and her clan are all going to celebrate separately, but we're getting pretty good with zoom now, so we'll be all together that way. It's not ideal, but it's still pretty good. I hope everyone can have a wonderful and safe time for the holidays!

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    Those are the most beautiful I have seen! The kids will love them. If they don't, I would be glad to take them off your hands!!!!! LOL


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    Hi Nova55
    I have been MIA also for a period of time. (Discussion on that at a later date) but.....
    WOW! your pieces are amazing! My favorite is the beautiful and detailed. You do amazing work. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I love each piece.
    Dance is the hidden language of the soul

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