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  1. Free Spider Chrysanthemum CAL

    Mystery Flower Revealed! (You can still join the free CAL)

    Our Keepin It Boo-tiful Crochet Along Flower has been revealed. We are making Spider🕷 Chrysanthemums. Come join us!

    Sign Up Here

  2. Egret Orchid and Planter Crochet Along

    Join our Egret Orchid and Planter crochet along for some summer fun! Our CAL begins on June 1, 2019.

    You'll receive the following patterns when you sign up

    Bonus pattern: Sand Rose...
  3. Free 3-D Crochet Flower Canvas Art Challenge

    Are You Up For The Challenge?

    If you are new to crochet flowers, here's the perfect chance to try your hooks at something new. Lookout... you might just get hooked :)

    There will also be a...
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    Rose Gold Pumpkin Decor


    It’s Pumpkin Season!!! I excited to finally add this beautiful Rose Gold Pumpkin adorn with beautiful Rugosa Rose fall leaves to my shop. As always, it’s very easy to complete with lots of...
  5. Celebrate The Launch Of The Crochet Garden Club: Earn Free Prizes... Guaranteed!

    Grab your Crochet Freebies before the campaign is over!

    If you've never crocheted a flower, here's your free chance. To promote, our upcoming Garden Escape Club, We've created a campaign where you...
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    Crochet Spring Shamrocks

    With St. Patricks Day approaching, these cute little Shamrocks are just in time, and the perfect crochet accessory! They make a great...
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    Crochet Lucky Bamboo

    Crochet this beautiful Lucky Bamboo for your own luck, or for a special someone to create a positive energy for any environment.

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    Thank you Barbara!

    Thank you Barbara!
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    Flower Needle Holder Plush

    Store your needles in a beautiful display!

    Here’s the second half of our Be Mine cuddly collection. Introducing the versatile flower plush duo.

    Including in this bundle, is the Rose and the...
  10. Bleeding Heart Flower Arrangement

    Introducing the bold and beautiful Dicentra Spectabilis commonly known as Bleeding Hearts. These beautiful herbaceous perennials are full of joy.. you’ll be delighted to take the process of creating...
  11. FREE Persian Allium Crochet Flower Pattern

    I just love Alliums, and this one is a simple beauty… perfect for the snowy season. The round bloom make these beauties great components for your crochet flower garden. Create this large snow ball of...
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    Bleeding Heart Flower Plush

    Here’s a cuddly flower that you can whip up in no time… The first pattern from our ‘Be Mine Plush Collection’.

    Our Collection consists of 2 Be Mine Cuddlies. Get the bleeding heart pattern now,...
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    Poinsettia Harlequin Flower


    *** Get the Polar Bear and the Ice Punch Poinsettias free when you buy the Harlequin Poinsettia. ***

    You will receive the free patterns via the email address on your Ravelry library.
  15. Royal Crochet Flowers..Join The Crochet Along!!!


    Here’s the first three of our Queen Of the Garden Crochet along flowers…. there’s still 2 more secret blooms to come.

    Join us on this Royal and receive the first three patterns plus two...
  16. Queens Of The Garden CAL Are Open For Sign Ups!

    You Are Cordially Invited To an Exclusive Queens Of The Garden CAL to create 5 stunning, royal blooms. This CAL will allow you to Expand Your Creativity, Create outside The Vase, Shock Your Family...
  17. Patterns are still Free!!!

    Patterns are still Free!!!
  18. Velvet Queen Sunflower. Work in Progress!!! ;)

    I am now working on the beautiful Velvet Queen Sunflower!!!

  19. Beach Themed Terrarium: Sweet Pea Flower & Starfish Succulent

    Enjoy making these beautiful and easy to do patterns. The Starfish succulent and sweet pea flower. Easy to read instructions with lots of images. Join us in our Facebook as we crochet this succulent...
  20. Thanks Barbara!!!

    Thanks Barbara!!!
  21. Hawaiian CAL Flower Pattern Bundle... Steal Of A Deal Price!


    Get This Bundle

    Missed our Hawaiian Crochet Flower CAL? No worries... Get this bundle now and receive all the CAL patterns plus a bonus you will love yourself for! This bundle includes...
  22. Free Himalayan Blue Poppy Crochet Flower


    Poppies are such beautiful flowers! This Himalayan Poppy is one of a kind and has a special meaning attached to it. As the red poppies has a special connection to soldiers...
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    Passion Flower Pattern

    I’m so pleased to introduce the beautiful and exotic Lavender Lady Passion Flower Vine! It was so much fun to create!!!! I know you’ll love it too!

    Bring in the summer with this everlasting...
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    Plumeria Flower Pattern

    Plumerias are tropical trees that are popularly known for its beautiful flowers. They are used for decorating in many ways including making Leis. Plumerias are simply a sign of perfection in nature....
  25. Flamboyant Royal Poinciana Crochet Flower

    Take a journey to the tropics with the beautiful bloom. I can’t think of any other flower that speaks tropical more than the beautiful Flamboyant! The Royal Poinciana is known as one of the world’s...
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