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    Do you have a favorite crochet hook?

    My favorite crochet hook is a size H Boye crochet hook. I have a Susan Bates in a size H crochet hook which is light-weight but I like the Boye size H crochet hook better maybe because of the shape of the hook. The size H Boye hook is shaped differently than the size H Susan Bates hook.

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    Mine are the Knitter's Pride hooks sizes F and H with the soft grip handle. I have an entire set of all sizes they make and like every one. The handles are all about the same size and are easy to grip even with my hand issues. My hand never gets tired and doesn't cramp up when I use them, even for hours at a time. They are much harder to find than the better known national brands, but the search has been worth it for me. They also have a line called Waves, which I think is easier to find, but I haven't tried them. They look a lot like the original soft grip line.

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    I wonder why Knitter's Pride renamed their original hook "Waves". They seem to be the same. Unfortunately, they have a flattened handle so are not perfect for pencil style of holding the hook, but they are usable anyway. (I have a 3 mm Knitter's Pride.)

    As to my favourite hooks, that would be the Addi - 2 different kinds:

    The bamboo hooks - because the shaft part is round. There is no flattened area. I have 3 of these.

    Addi's metal hooks with round olive wood handle, 3 of these. No flattening of these wood handles, either.
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    My own personal faves are the Clover Amour and Clover Soft Touch. I am fortunate to have been able to acquire a bunch of sizes in each.
    For Tunisian crochet, AddiClick Interchangeables and Tulip Carry T are my current faves.

    I keep hearing about different brands and types ... and then gotta try 'em!!

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