I went to the website of Lilia the lady from Venice the other day and saw a video that she made with the lovely golden orange yarn. I watched the video on how she did the Brioche stitch her aunt taught her that she called the English stitch. I so enjoyed learning how she did that Brioche stitch. I cannot knit using that method they call throwing. Lilia made it look easy.

I taught myself how to knit watching you tube videos. Since I learned to crochet first and much later wanted to learn how to knit. I found that the continental method works for me. I am right handed so I hold the needle in my right hand and the yarn in my left hand.

Here is a video on how to do the Brioche stitch using the continental method you can see that there is less movement with the hands as you are not having to stop and wrap the yarn. Below that is the link to Lilia's web site where you can find her video on how she does the Brioche stitch using the throw method.

I am sure most off you already know how to do either of these methods it is just nice to share our love for crochet and knitting with others and possibly learn something new. I always learn something new on this forum.

Video on continental style

Link to web site for Lilia's video
Simple Brioche Knitting Stitch - LiliaCraftParty