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    Can't find the video, sorry

    I was going to post the video that I saw. It was a video on v stitches. Mikey did the video. He said you could use any variations for a v stitch - 2 hdc's, ch 1, 2 hdc's; 1 sc, ch1, 1 sc. Just thought you might like to see it.
    I googled variations of the v stitch and variations of the v stitch - Google Search but it's not the video. I didn't know there were different v stitches. I thought a v stitch was a v stitch - dc, ch1, dc

    here's another one

    I still didn't find the video where he had the 2 hdc, ch 1, 2 hdc and also the sc, ch 1, sc - he said there are variations of the v stitch
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    As long as it looks like the letter "V", it's a V-stitch. There's no rules and regulations on this one as far as I know.

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