I am crocheting the herringbone dc. Sometimes I forgot and after I had 3 loops on the hook I did yo and pulled the loop through one stitch instead of pulling the 3rd loop through the 2nd stitch and then yarning over and pulling the loop through one stitch again. I don't know how far back I did it wrong, maybe at the start of the row but I only took out a couple of stitches and then continued on instead of taking out the whole row.

The 2 rows at the same time - Some of the stitches - I couldn't tell you where they are that I put the hook in the wrong place for the 1st st.

Has anyone done these stitches? It takes longer to crochet a herringbone dc than a regular dc and it takes longer to crochet 2 dc rows at the same time than it does to crochet 1 dc row