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    Hi MeToo, I agee with you that it would be nice if they let you know the pattern is untested. You make nice things for yourself and your family so I understand you want it to turn out nice. I however am making for babies that will throw up on the item and outgrow it and by that time it will be no use for anyone else.

    I did make a cardigan from a free pattern that was Knitted with lace cables on the front. I finished the whole thing before I noticed that the left front had the cables in the back not the front. I thought it was my fault because I had just learned how to knit and purl. I made that same cardigan 3 times each time with the same results. I then made an excel spreadsheet with all of the stitches and how to make that stitch above each one. I did it one more time watching closely to make sure I was doing each stitch correctly. Well it turned out the same way. I contacted the designer through the Website address on the pattern and explained and they said it was an untested pattern. That time it didn't sit well with me as I ruined the yarn with all the pulling out and having to cut some of it. It would have been very nice if they had mentioned it was untested. I would have stopped at the first try.

    I try to read through the free patterns to see if I see anything before I start them. In crochet it is easier to pull out and correct something (I think) then knitting where you have to go back rows and if your lucky you won't drop any of those stitches doing that.

    I always like your post

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    I try to read through the free patterns to see if I see anything before I start them.

    Well, then, you are way smarter than me, because I think you have to have an aptitude for that. Is that what they call "spatial" aptitude or what. The ability to transfer written instrs into a picture in your mind.

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