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Thread: Crochet Hook?

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    Crochet Hook?

    How do I know what size crochet hook I have when it doesn't say what size and it doesn't say how many mm? I put it by a F size crochet hook and it looks like it might be the same size. It has a nice wooden handle on it that tapers a little bit narrower and then straight for a bit and then the handle gets wider at the bottom. I believe this might've been the first crochet hook I ever had. It probably was the crochet hook that my grandma taught me with.

    Jean Marie

    a couple of my small hooks - one is 2.55 mm and the other one says size 0. I looked it up and a 2.55 mm is a size 0. You guessed it. One hook is Susan Bates and one hook is Boye. The Susan Bates 2.55 mm has a longer shaft than the Boye hook that is size 0 but the Boye hook has a little bit wider thumb rest. A 2.5 mm crochet hook is size B so is a 2.55 mm size B also?

    steel crochet hook metric 2.55 mm sizes - Google Search

    I have a rubber band(which I think is the rubber band from Broccoli) The rubber band says Produce of USA #4060 which I'm pretty sure is the PLU number. I have the rubber band on the end of the size 1 Boye crochet hook. I had read that rubber bands at the end of crochet hooks could help so the hook doesn't dig into your hand. I don't use that hook unless I'm using it to pull yarn through and I don't have rubber bands on the other crochet hooks. I guess I could put the rubber band on a different hook if I needed to. This might be the 2nd rubber band I've used. I believe the first rubber band cracked over time.

    I have 2 G size crochet hooks- one just says size G and the other G/6 hook says 4.25 mm They look like the same size are they? They both say USA and they are both Boye hooks.
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    This looks like a handy way to truly determine the crochet hook size:

    What size is my crochet hook? | Shiny Happy World

    Also, I like the crochet tip you offer on having a rubber band at the end of the hook. What a great idea!

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    I do not know. Here all my hooks are in millimeters
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