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    Aluminum hooks start with size B 2.25mm; as you go up the alphabet, the hook goes up in size. Anything less than 2.25mm are steel. Steel hooks are numbered, and the larger the number the smaller the hook. Most of the 3D lace ornaments I made were with a 1.65mm or a size 7 steel hook. (I've heard that the steel hooks can go to a size 20, but most sets sold in the US only go up to a 14.) But wait - this gets better! When it comes to steel hooks, there are 2 sets of sizes - the sizes produced now and the antique sizes (the antique sizes run smaller than the ones made today - size 14 used to be a .50mm). Plus Europe numbers the aluminum hooks, and that's why we now have a "7 (4.5mm)" hook between the G and H hooks. Why we never had a 4.5mm hook in the first place is beyond me. Enjoy!


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    Hi Nova, My steel hooks came from my mother who got them from her mother so they are very old and so am I. I have one steel hook that is 0.75 it is tiny (but it may be the current size not the antique as I purchased this one here in the states). I think the steel hook that I said was a 14 is because I used today's size. It is one from my grandmother so I think it might be the .50mm. Too small for me to see with but I keep it because it is special.
    The chart you posted I also have a copy of that one. I was going to post it too but I had saved it as a word document and then when my computer was updated they deleted my Microsoft office programs. I had a disk where I did pay for the programs but lost the ID to reinstall it. I am not going to pay for it again. I now save everything I have in PDF format as Adobe is free ware.

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    I was crocheting with the ergonomic hook and then back to crocheting with the aluminum hook. Anyways the shaft on the ergonomic crochet hook is not quite as long as I'd like but the handle is nice so I put both the aluminum crochet hook and the ergonomic crochet hook in my hand and crocheted with the aluminum crochet hook but I also had the cushioned handle (rubber handle) of the ergonomic crochet hook that I could hold onto while crocheting with the aluminum hook.
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    I use and love the hooks with a cushioned handle called "Knitters Pride". They are almost impossible to find near me in stores and yarn shops so I get them from from this company:

    Knitter's Pride(R) Soft Grip Crochet Gold Anodized Aluminum Hook Ergonomic 2-12 mm | eBay

    I have many sizes and love them all. I don't know how small a hook you need, but maybe they have one. Unlike some of the other brands, these do not have a flattened spot on them, and I really like that. I know that everyone is different and has different health problems and crocheting habits, so a cushioned handle may not be the answer for everyone, but I used to have a terrible problem with the plain metal hooks as I grip them quite tight, closer to the hook than most people do, and hold them like a knife rather than a pen, so my hand would cramp badly. Since I started using Knitters Pride I do not have that problem at all.

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    If anyone here uses the pencil hold, then any hook with a flattened area (thumb rest) is not the best for us. What I did with those hooks was fabricate a round handle out of clay. Lotsa fun to do. Seriously. Like being in first grade doing crafts.

    Other hooks, I placed either a cheap pencil grip from the stationery store, or bought a large padded hook grip made by Susan Bates.

    I could never go back to an un-modified hook.

    Those of you who hold your hook like a knife have so many more choices in ready-to-go hooks. The Clover hooks, for example.

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