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    Helping to save our planet with crochet


    I wrote a post how I save the planet with crochet and as a tip to everyone who loves crochet can do the same thing. If you have other tips concerning crochet and saving the planet let me know!

    How to beat the climate? Two tips: use reusable bags!

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    Hello, In some countries they do not hand out plastic bags when you do your daily or weekly shoping you bring your own cart or reusable bags, Some chains are starting the trend here in the US to stop the use of plastic bags as it is bad for the environment.

    I had a stack of plastic bags and did not want to put them in the trash so I made a large basket out of them to use when I go to the pool (they are water proof). I posted a picture of the bag on this forum. The other day on the news the food banks are asking for these bags as they have no way to give out food to the needy. That is a way to help others but does not solve the problem of disposing them.
    I think crocheting or knitting a sturdy bag to buy small amounts of items is very helpful for the environment.

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