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    wondering why a c2c blanket is not as heavy as if it was dc rows

    I have a corner to corner rectangle blanket and I have a rectangle blanket done in regular dc rows. Both the blankets are the same length but the one done in reg. dc rows is 6 inches wider except on the corners it's 6 and a half inches wider and it's heavier than the corner to corner blanket. I don't think it should be that heavier! Is there a reason for this why the corner to corner is not as heavy? I think if the blankets were the same size in length and width then the c2c wouldn't be as heavy as one done in reg dc rows. What do you think?

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    It could be the difference in yarn, hook and tension. Also in a rectangle blanket you have more DC per row then you would have in a C2C blanket. I don't know for sure why your blankets would be different in weight but that would be my guess.


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