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    Crochet flower holiday coaster

    Crochet Jewel Forum

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    Many thanks for this beautiful coaster, and I am going to whip up a few for the Christmas table, but I prefer Handicrafter, Kitchen cotton or Lily Sugar 'n' Cream for these sorts of projects. Yes, I know that a coaster will probably not be used as a hot pad and a cup of hot tea or coffee won't melt the coaster. However, there are other reasons. From

    Cotton is probably your best choice for crochet coasters.

    • Cotton yarn doesn’t melt. This is the most important factor when creating coasters, as they might be used under hot objects. Making sure the coaster won’t melt should be your number one priority, and cotton helps with this.

    • Cotton is pretty easy to clean. This is another important factor, as you will be using your coasters around drinks and food, which means they could become dirty easily. Cotton can easily be washed and dried to be used again, keeping them looking fresh and clean.

    • Cotton also happens to have the ability to be absorbent, but inelastic as well. This means the coaster will absorb any spills but it will not change its shape when wet.

    Cotton yarn is best used for items or projects in the kitchen, such as hot pads, placemats, coasters, and dishcloths. While there are different types of cotton yarn, all are fine to be used in the kitchen. There is a cotton yarn called Kitchen Yarn, which is your best bet. It is inelastic, sturdy, absorbent and can be machine washed.

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