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    crochet tips and tricks

    I read about the yarn color theory but then I read about how to avoid hand fatigue.

    Secrets to Being a Better Crocheter: 17 Crochet Tips and Tricks - Stitch and Unwind If you scroll down to the replies someone mentions a way to hold the yarn for better tension and there are more replies about it.

    I also read about putting a pillow under your dominant hand.

    Here's some more hand exercises Hand Exercises for Crocheters – Crochet Patterns, How to, Stitches, Guides and more one of the exercises for your wrists is to draw circles with your wrists by moving only your wrists. There is exercises on here for the fingers, thumbs and wrists.

    What do you do to take care of your hands when crafting for many hours? - Google Search

    Crafting a Solution to Hobby-Related Hand Pain

    | UW Health | Madison, WI

    5 Crochet Health Concerns and What You Can Do |

    stress balls are good to use too when crocheting

    one of the health concerns is weight gain

    Sometimes I needed to look at the pattern for the roses and leaves but I memorized the pattern so I don't have to keep looking at the pattern. this talks about finger pulling and the clutching stretch and the prayer stretch, etc.

    I couldn't find where I read that about putting a pillow under you dominant hand when crocheting so I googled it I looked to see what it said about if arthritis is bad for crocheting? or if it's good for knitting? I don't have arthritis. It was interesting what it said about warm water.
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