Since I'm the person marketing the “Ebon” line of ebony needles I thought I would give you some answers from the “horses” mouth
1. Are these needles ebony?- Yes they are
2. Where are they made- They are crafted in India
3. Are they coated? - They are hand polished with a proprietary material.
4. Do they swivel? - They do not have a “swivel” as such. The cord is inserted into the ferrule but not bonded to it. Therefore most of the cords will rotate in the ferrule if they haven't been pulled to tight. However I wouldn't say the needles had a swivel.
5. Do you have to buy an additional accessory kit?. With individual pairs you will need at least one accessory set. If you purchase a needle set you get 8 needle tips and 2 accessory sets which gives you 6 cords, 4 couplers, 4 stoppers, and 2 tightening tools.
6. Do you have longer cords? - Not currently, however the couplers that come in the accessory pack can be used to increase the cable length substantially.

New reduced pricing on ebony needle sets
Set of 9 staight single points - $ 108.00 US + shipping
Set of 6 , 5 piece double points $ 70.00 US + shipping
Set of 8 interchangeable tips complete with 2 accessory sets - $ 110.00 US + shipping
Set of 9 crochet hooks – $ 70.00 US + shipping