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    Hello friends, I am back again? I am redhead....

    My name is redhead and back in 2013 or 14... I discovered I had cancer!
    At that time we were exchanging names and crocheting 6" inch squares, and mailing them to the names we were assigned. I really enjoyed that so much . But I didn't know what my life was going to be like, so I dropped out.... and left Crochettalk . (I had a great deal of squares by that time) .
    I went to the Hux Cancer Center for treatments. They are an excellant group of Doctors and nurses. I only had to have radiation treatments. I went thru all of them with flying colors.... no nausea or bad time getting thru all of it. I had also a lymptectomy . I am cancer free today. Thank God!

    On February 15, 2021, I had my 90th birthday! I am doing well for my age I guess. I have a walker and a cane but don't use them.
    My only problem now is scolioses (sp) It is finally taking it's toll on me I get tired quickly when I walk too much MY BACK GIVES OUT AND I NEED TO SIT DOWN I do still drive but am about ready to say "enough driving for me".

    I want to get back into Crochettalk!!! I am trying to get rid of a lot of stuff and I ran across the BIG box of the squares I got from all those names! I WENT THRU AND TOOK EVERY SQUARE OUT OF THE ENVELOPES keeping the notes from each of you including some patterns some of you sent with your squares. THANK YOU for all the squares! I am keeping all the envelopes with addresses on them.
    I have never used a blocking board but bought one so I need to know how to block a LOT OF SQUARES!!!! some of them are slightly smaller and some are slightly larger than the 6 inch we were supposed to make. I am not griping...if I have to add a row to the small ones, I will gladly do it.
    I bet I have enough squares to make more than one afghan.... I haven't counted them...yet! I had sewed a folded piece of ribbon on a lot of them with the name of who sent it to me. But there is a lot more that just have a paper tag. Not sure how to handle those yet.

    Since I last talked to you, I lost My middle son to a hit-n-run. He has been caught and is still in jail awaiting sentencing. John was hit on July 18, 2019 and died on July 22, 2019. He had just married the girl of his dreams in May, not quite 2 months married. I have a wonderful daughter-in law that I love very much. They were living in Arkansas.
    He was 59, he would have been 60 on December23, 2019.

    I am going thru a lot of pictures that I am putting on my walls( 13 big frames so far) for family history and there are a lot of John at different stages of his life, so as I run across them it makes me spend time crying. I don't know how to stop and get over it. I guess I never will.

    I need to quit writing and tell you all that I l LOVE all of you. Specially all of my old friends on crochettalk.
    Patty Mundell AKA REDHEAD
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    Hi Patty,
    I'm glad you're doing good and cancer free! My Dad is in his 80's and he has a walker. He doesn't drive anymore. I did the crochet exchange squares for a while and I put most of the squares together with names on each square of the person who sent it to me and I started to put on labels on some squares what the pattern is for the square.

    I've been working on teddy bear filet squares. I have 36 teddy bear filet squares done and another teddy bear square that needs a bow and needs the yarn weaved in where I started and finished. and I started another teddy bear square. So when these 2 teddy bear squares are done, I'll have 38 teddy bear filet crochet squares. That's not counting the 5 duck crochet filet squares I have done. I see one of the duck squares needs a bow yet (That's if I decide to put a bow on it.) That would be a total of 43 squares. I've memorized part of the pattern. The squares are not all exactly the same size because I've used different baby yarn for some of the squares. I've used 6 different kinds of baby yarn. 2 of the yarns are the duck squares. 1 of the duck squares is like a 3 or 4 ply yarn. Maybe I have too many squares? I'll have to lay all the squares out again and see what I think.

    I'm sorry you lost 2 of your sons.

    Love, Jean Marie ps Do you still crochet?
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    Hello! It is good to hear from you again
    ɹǝʞɐɯ ʎןıop ɐsıɹɐן

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    Hi Redhead
    I am just coming across this post from you from May. So glad you are well. I remember you clearly! So sorry to hear about your son. I too am on and off of CT and am a busy girl, 66 and still working. I love my job but COVID mandates have made performances difficult which is a downfall for the dance school business. But we try. The students don't give up that easily
    Since we spoke last, I was blessed with 2 granddaughters. Making my grandchildren up to 5 now. The youngest and her mom, my daughter lives with us. Very strange having a baby in the house (she is 19 months old now) Her name is Luna. She was born on a Winter Super Moon night! So her name is so appropriate.
    Loved seeing your post, even though I found it 5 months later...God bless and we will talk soon
    Dance is the hidden language of the soul

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