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    Getting To Know You: My 10 Favorite Things

    I'm so happy to have found this forum, and to have met so many wonderful people. Someone posted a thread about meeting the family, where we could share photo's of our families, and get to know each other better that way (put faces to names, etc.) I really liked that idea, and would love to know more about you.
    So here's the thing. I'll share 10 of my favorite things, and you do the same! Go ahead and copy my list if you like.

    1. My favorite color:
    2. My favorite craft:
    3. Favorite thing to do to relax, other than crochet:
    4. Favorite cuisine:
    5: Favorite beverage:
    6. Favorite sweet:
    7. Favorite TV Show:
    8: Favorite pet:
    9: Favorite flower:
    10. Favorite apparel:

    1. My favorite color: I can't pick just one, I love pink and green!

    2. My favorite craft: Okay, I have to say crochet, because it helps keep me sane, right? But I also enjoy pen and ink sketching, watercolors, and paper crafts, just to mention a few. I love making my own cards to include with gifts!

    3. Favorite thing to do to relax, other than crochet: I like to go for walks on the beach, or along the inter-coastal. My favorite indoor activity is reading!

    4. Favorite cuisine: Chocolate! No, no, no, can't say that! Okay, Italian and Chinese. I love my pasta and I love stir fries! Too bad they don't like me!

    5: Favorite beverage: You'll almost always find me with a cup of coffee beside me (decaf, please) or gatorade or V8, because of my dietary restrictions. I love sweet tea, too (hey, I'm a southern belle at heart!).

    6. Favorite sweet: If I can't have a box of Cela's Chocolate Covered Cherries, or a big old Whitman's Sampler, then I'd have to pick the dark chocolate peanut M&M's.

    7. Favorite TV Show: Oh geez, we don't have regular TV, we have the Roku box, but when we DID, I loved all the CSI shows!

    8: Favorite pet: My three ferrets, of course!

    9: Favorite flower: Oh no, don't ask me to name just one! I love lily of the valley, which we can't grow here in Florida, violets, gardenia's, and jasmine.

    10. Favorite apparel: If I'm at home, you'll find me in loose shorts and a tank top, year round. Now don't look at me like that! I live in Florida, after all, but even when we lived in the frozen north, if I was at home, I was wearing shorts and a tank top! I like to be comfortable, what can I say?

    Okay, your turn! Share your favorites, please? Now don't make me beg!

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    [B]1. My favorite color:[/B] I love all colours[B]
    2. My favorite craft: [/B]I enjoy several, making jewellery, crocheting, sewing, painting beads, playing with and painting polymer clay, cooking........
    [B] 3. Favorite thing to do to relax: [/B]I enjoy listening to music, playing a hot game of chess.....
    [B] 4. Favorite cuisine: [/B]American
    [B] 5: Favorite beverage: [/B]coffee[B]
    6. Favorite sweet: [/B]fresh in season fruit
    [B] 7. Favorite TV Show: [/B]Criminal Minds, NCIS, Too Cute on Animal Planet, Hitchcock movies, Christmas movies, scary horror movies
    [B] 8: Favorite pet: [/B]dogs, cats, horses
    [B] 9: Favorite flower: [/B]colourful wildflowers, if it blooms chances are good I'll like it.
    [B] 10. Favorite apparel: [/B]skirts and frilly blouses
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    . My favorite color: RED
    2. My favorite craft: crocheting
    3. Favorite thing to do to relax, other than crochet: read and garden but that isn't relaxing until it is done.
    4. Favorite cuisine: I love seafood and I know that is not a cuisine but if I had to choose I guess it would be Southern comfort
    5: Favorite beverage: milk and diet coke
    6. Favorite sweet: ice cream mostly popsickles
    7. Favorite TV Show: Project Runway
    8: Favorite pet: dogs
    9: Favorite flower: red tulip
    10. Favorite apparel: I live in shorts or sweatpants depending on the season.

    I don't collect anything as I realised that if you collect something then everybody is going to give you that thing and you will be over run with them. I like earth colors to decorate with and of course red.

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    I can't get your list to copy so will do it on my own.
    1;All colors except orange.
    2. Crochet, reading and trying to learn this dang computer.
    3.Taking a nap!!!!!!
    4.I just like food of almost any kind.LOL .
    5.Diet soda and ice tea
    6.Fruit- not my fav but all I can have
    7.NCIS, News, and Storage Wars,and American Pickers
    8Dogs. Have 2 and of course our outside cat. Had pygmy goats and really liked them too. All animals
    9.I love all flowers. Hard to pick just one.
    10.Capris and loose baggy shirts for around the house.

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    Oh my goodness! I never thought of adding what I collect, because Faye is right, you are in danger of being over run with them, but how could I ever have too many PIGS! LOL I have a pig clock, pig pillows, pig jewelry, pig sculptures, a pig water fountain, a matching pig apron, potholders, towels, placemats and napkins, and a pig purse, just to name a few!

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    hmm....colour; yellow, cuz it likes me back.
    Bread, I really like bread w cheese.
    coffee w/ agava and milk
    hmm...sweet, homemade cake
    Criminal Minds...
    and I just recently found yoga pants/shorts

    Thanks for asking....

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    1. My favorite color: blue is my favorite but i like lots of colors
    2. My favorite craft: crocheting
    3. Favorite thing to do to relax, other than crochet: I play Double Deck pinochle online my with my partner. She lives in Az we talk 4 nights a week via skype and play pinochle and I try and make it to a live tourney every year.
    4. Favorite cuisine: I grew up in a very large Volga German family and I love my german food my favorite food is Sauerbraten even though I don't know how to make it and can not find a restaurant that serves it the way grandma made it. There is a restaurant in Portmouth Va that makes just like grandma made it but I don't live any where near it anymore. 2nd favorite is pork sauerkraut and dumplings and I am the only one that like sourkraut in the house. oh and Bierocks yummy OH OH OH Hot german potato salad yum yum yum yummy.
    5: Favorite beverage: hmmmmm Coffee in the morning Ginger ale and pepsi
    6. Favorite sweet: Peanut butter cups I love See's candies but i never get any hubby always eats them and I get the pieces he doesn't like he is a chocoholic
    7. Favorite TV Show: NCIS .... as my mom would have put it I wouldn't kick Mark Harmon out for eating crackers in the bed and Castle love that show too
    8: Favorite pet: my 3 llhasa apsos Pudgers Penny and Angel
    9: Favorite flower: Roses I have 20 Rose bushes in my back yard and my favorite is the Yellow Rose
    10. Favorite apparel: ok this is going to sound funny but I love my PJs they are just so comfortable

    I collect angels
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    God will never put more on your plate then you can handle.

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    More please this is fascinating!! Love finding out more about friends.

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    1. My favorite colors: Red, Black, God, & White (to wear), but I love all colors when I'm crocheting
    2. My favorite craft: Crocheting, painting or coloring (lots of colors)
    3. Favorite thing to do to relax, other than crochet: read, play games on the computer, listen to music or sing
    4. Favorite cuisine: Food - but I really love shrimp
    5: Favorite beverage: Tea
    6. Favorite sweet: Chocolate - M&Ms & 3 Musketeers
    7. Favorite TV Show: Lost Girl, Beauty & The Beast, Walking Dead
    8: Favorite pet: Love all animals - have 2 cats but miss having a dog
    9: Favorite flower: Roses
    10. Favorite apparel: PJs & Capri pants

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    1: blue
    2: crochet
    3: read, watch movies..
    4: pizza ( I am such a kid lol)
    6: salt water taffy
    7:True Blood, Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy, Dexter...
    8: Don't have one
    9: Calla lilies
    10: Jeans and a tank top

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