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I’m so pleased to introduce one of my most favorite flowers… The Mini Flame Calla Lily measuring 4".

Calla lilies are great for table decorations, weddings, and they make gorgeous arrangements when they stand tall in a taller vase. Calla Lilies make gorgeous arrangements without any other flowers. You can choose to make small arrangements by making the stems shorter, or make the stems extra long for taller beauties.

With this pattern, you can make them in any color you’d like by using this fun technique to create other species. There’s lots of images included which makes it much easier to follow along. I’ve also included images of other Calla Lilies that give you ideas of how you can put them together… Just incase you prefer to create Calla Lilies in other colors. There’s literally thousands of ideas for decorating with Calla Lilies. Dive in to these ideas and create stunning arrangements.

Mini Flame Calla Lily-mini-calla-lily-orange-flame-jpg