Today is again Friday!! And we are approaching to the end of of the summer, so before the end I'm here with some new colorful parrot cross stitch / crochet graphghan patterns. Parrots can be friends for a life a partner so I hope you will find your favorite between my pattern gallery. The patterns you can find in my shop: Cross Stitch Patterns Crochet Graph Patterns by ElizaGraphDesign
And the species list with many color mutations is:
- Budgie pair in more color variations which can be varied in any kind
- African Grey parrot, Timneh African Grey parrot
-Black-headed caique , White-bellied caique
- Eclectus parrot
- Sun conure
- Jenday Conure
- Nanday conure
- Senegal Parrot
- Meyer's parrot
- Red-bellied parrot
- Monk parakeet - Quaker parrot
-Green-cheeked conure: Cinnamon, Pineapple, Turquoise, Yellow-sided
- Macaws:
Blue-and-yellow macaw
Blue-throated macaw
Military macaw
Great green macaw
Scarlet macaw
Red-and-green macaw
Harlequin Macaw

I have many plans in the future in more topics like: cockatoos, lories, ringneck parrot, lovebirds and more just to have time for them.
I hope you will like them as much as I do. You can follow my new design on my fb page: Eliza Graph Design

The custom patterns are all time available and from now in montage patterns too: View Custom Patterns by ElizaGraphDesign on Etsy

If you have any questions or would be interested in any other breeds, color variations, pets, just write to me.
African Grey parrot, Caique, Conure, Macaws, Senegal Parrot, Quaker parrot,-unitled-1s-jpg