Lovely Cat Ladies!
This month I started to became a cat lady me too, well just a digital one . Not an easy thing to understand the cat genetics because next to the classic breeds most of us have just simple domestic cats housecats not a pure breed.
So first I tried to come just with simple patterns which are:
Tabby Cat,
Black Cat,
White Cat
and two breeds: the Abyssinian Cat and the old type Siamese Cat.
Cross Stitch Patterns Crochet Graph Patterns by ElizaGraphDesign

I have in plan to make simple domestic Tuxedo cats, Calico cats, Tortoiseshell cat but as many cats as possible coat patterns. So I need a bit time to find out and make a basic pattern on which I can change this coat pattern for every lovely cat owner!!!

Please if you have time help my work with your ideas, with your thoughts, with your needs in comment so I can build a cat friendly shop section!!
Thank you for your reading!!!
Tabby cat, Black Cat, White Cat, Siamese Cat, Abyssinian Cat-unitled-16s-jpg

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The costum pattern option is always available too in any kind of pets too:Custom Cat CROSS STITCH Pattern CROCHET Graphghan Blanket | Etsy