Hi everybody! I'm here with a new dog breed update, well the third one!
Now I share with you
- 2 new designs from old breeds already in my shop: the Beagle and Westie
- 3 new breed patterns: the American Cocker Spaniel, the English Springle spaniel and the Hungarian Pointer - Vizsla
- and 1 one cross breed: the Puggle
I hope you like them, of course they can be cross stitched and crcheted for blankets too!
You can find them on shop, and I will come soon with new beautifull patterns, new breeds!!! Cross Stitch Patterns Crochet Graph Patterns by ElizaGraphDesign
And you can follow my new updates on my fb page: Eliza Graph Design | Facebook

American cocker spaniel, English springer spaniel, Puggle, Vizsla, Westie-unitled-18s-jpg