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01-09-2020, 05:46 PM
Dear Crocheters!!

Today I want to share with you a few new information about my shop. I start an innovation in line with color variations of dogs!!
I know that dogs are so so diverse, and because this I promised myself that this year I try to make my shop as diversed as I can.
So I introduce a new selling method.
I make my dog pattern in a few color variations, which are more commons, and you have to choose which you would when you buy it, so the pattern I will send to you in message!!
I was need to make this because for me is very expensive to make for each color variations a separately item. To understand this I start just now to show you how I think.
I made the Chihuahua patterns in 3-4 color and I made the Long Coated Chihuahua too. And encore this I made my first mixbreed too, the Goldendoodle. I hope you like them, I have many breeds already made just need time to upload them, many new breeds, and new color variations. please share, and I will come very very soon!
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