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  1. MiA
  2. My gift from BarbySue.....
  3. For Those Who Sell Their Work
  4. Sorry I've Been Gone
  5. Yarn change
  6. Tell Barbara G. our moderator your birthdays......
  7. Pneumonia
  8. Is there a forum history/introduction page?
  9. OMG!! Check out what our Magnolia Blossom sent me for my Birthday!!
  10. Roll Call for the Night Owls Season 4
  11. Moving to TN has fallen through
  12. Redhead's computer is down
  13. I heard from redhead
  14. poping in and out
  15. How were you named...share your story!
  16. A new book
  17. Not feeling well
  18. Monday Mail brought me these............
  19. New Puppy in the Family!
  20. Kids in Church
  21. Need Help To understand - Questions I have about the site???!!
  22. Is anyone in the path of this storm?
  23. Who wants to exchange phone numbers?
  24. Guess where I am being taken tomorrow...........
  25. Thanks
  26. Not Motivated
  27. weather reports #3
  28. Just want you all to know ....
  29. ...Cupid...
  30. I rec'd a Hilarious musical birthday card today............
  31. Brag, brag, brag
  32. Happy birthday landon!!
  33. February Birthdays
  34. Our Friend Manda (Amanda)
  35. We can make up our own titles, don't like senior member? Change it!!
  36. Hey everybody - I now have a "look!"
  37. INfo about YOUTUBE videos..come on everyone come see ..
  38. anastasia afghan
  39. I am heading out, be back later with PICTURES!! LOL
  40. Leaving.....
  41. Queen for a day
  42. Need to tell talk
  43. My turn to brag, brag, brag!!
  44. Today's puppy from the Daily Puppy
  45. What's your MORNING Routine?
  46. Who wants to be on a phone list?
  47. About the real Blind Side football player..............
  48. Color my hair?
  49. Grateful for today
  50. Superbowl Party food I am taking.............
  51. Unplanned Shopping Trips
  52. Will be very busy!!
  53. One other thing
  54. my puppers know how to take a nap
  55. weather here
  56. Just in case I forgot
  57. Catching up! Feeling better.
  58. Ebay Auction
  59. Hi, Everybody!!
  60. A New Crocheter or A Pain in the Behind. You decide.
  61. Botanical Garden and Olive Garden
  62. Where in the World is Janie Mae?
  63. Gratitude for the Day Part 3
  64. An old friend shared...
  65. Popping by to say hello
  66. Please pray for my granddaughter!
  67. Crocheted Shelf Liners
  68. Our 2014 Meeting - Thread Two
  69. weather!!
  70. What for dinner? Or Lunch or breakfast or snacks.........
  71. Who runs the errands?
  72. Beaded Pieces for Bathroom
  73. To Our New England Members...........
  74. Checking in
  75. Store with best towels, advice?
  76. My kinda funny!
  77. Feeling kinda punky chitty
  78. Where are the knitters...I need your help!
  79. Any caregivers here?
  80. Looking for more crochet buddies!
  81. Neat saying:
  82. Hitting the sack
  83. Roll Call for the Night Owls Season 5
  84. Who else has Fibromyalgia and or Chronic Fatigue?
  85. Hearts and Round Doilies
  86. Fundraiser?
  87. knooking
  88. Not fair!
  89. How would you like to open your front door to this?
  90. What is Cronic Fatique
  91. Attention Twinfaye!
  92. Concerned with health
  93. Matching up colours
  94. Came up with this idea for the fundraiser
  95. this is what's new
  96. Anybody watching the Westminster Dog Show 2013?
  97. thanks
  98. Wrist exercises for Knitters and Crocheters
  99. My new furniture is on it's way here!!!!
  100. My new table, dresser and the Yarn I bought
  101. ebay selling items
  102. cabin fever!
  103. Attn: Rosegate!!!!
  104. It's my Crochetversary...a Gift of Love!
  105. Baby sleeping advice?
  106. Jokes, Humor and Every Day Funnies
  107. Redhead......redhead....
  108. allergy eyes?
  109. Today is Redheads Birthday!!!!!!
  110. Sorry I haven't been around much again.
  111. My birthday surprises!
  112. Open and filled chair positions for our meeting in 2014
  113. Just checking in
  114. What a Valentine's Day...Wow, Wow, Wow!
  115. Hi
  116. Meet Dovie and say hi to Lovie!
  117. I will be in London, August 2013!
  118. Good News...Share It Here!
  119. SHOPPING time...my passion!
  120. Roll Call for the Night Owls Season 6
  121. I have New Chairs for my Kitchen Table!!!!!!!!!!!!
  122. New NCIS on Tonight!!!
  123. Did you know that??
  124. Is there anybody experienced in blackwork?
  125. New Criminal Minds Episode tonight!!
  126. Brushing yarn so it looks like furn on animals I crochet. Has anyone done this ????
  127. Short quick VENT and I am OVER IT!!!
  128. Ice Storm Pictures and Powerlines, Trees.....
  129. Trooper the Dog
  130. Baking question...
  131. The Sleet has arrived..........
  132. I love my hubby but he can be a stinker
  133. How Do You Fix Your Hot Dog?
  134. Who has Military in their Family?
  135. We MISS you, Barbara G.!!!
  136. Gratitude for the Day Part 4
  137. Where are the Homemakers?
  138. Prayers
  139. Smudge Buttoned Down
  140. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis.....
  141. Restoring my laptop
  142. On the road again...
  143. Anybody watching the Oscars tonight?
  144. you know you've been crocheting too long
  145. Today is BOOPIE's Birthday!!
  146. Who's on Pinterest?
  147. Caregivers Who Care
  148. potato candy
  149. 8 herbs from arthritis
  150. Excellent article on being frugal and her blog
  151. Weather Reports #4
  152. An Exciting New kind of Yarn on the market
  153. deleting stuff
  154. A funny Maxine cartoon
  155. Email Hacked
  156. Anite, Gail and Judy
  157. I finally have a WORKING PRINTER!!!
  158. Roll Call for the Night Owls Season 7 Begins!!!
  159. Has anyone ever clicked on the ads in here
  160. Yawl don't forget now, we Spring Forward this weekend!!
  161. Hubby is wishing all the women a happy International Women's day
  162. I'm addicted to buying yarn
  163. I am so Upset
  164. I promise I am not lollygagging
  165. Crochet Ideas
  166. Memory Place mats
  167. Pigs gifted for marriage anniversary
  168. For my friends who have insomnia, some tips that could help you.........
  169. What are you reading?
  170. Apologize for Visitors Messages
  171. Today is Magnolia Blossom's BIRTHDAY!!!
  172. Brothers health--
  173. Not crochet, but fiber related..
  174. Please pray now!!!
  175. Crochet-a-long..
  176. Redhead(Patty) has Tragic News
  177. Happy st patric's day
  178. Fibromyalgia and related subjects
  179. Today Is GrammaJoes B D
  180. MY new Grand Daughter!!
  181. Virus Alert::: Do NOT open any emails from me!!
  182. Just me!!!
  183. Will be away for a few days
  184. Spring has Arrived!!!
  185. Who watched NCIS last night?
  186. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Arthritis
  187. What are your Spring colors?
  188. What are your favorite movies?
  189. My Mom passed away.
  190. Cutting Costs and Economizing
  191. Yarn and crocheting organization has begun at my house.....finally!
  192. Weather Reports #5
  193. Restless leg Symdrome: Help
  194. Embarrassed
  195. New Pics I wanted to share..
  196. asking for prayer
  197. Our Redhead (Patty) Can't log in to CT
  198. ant plumbers out there??? -gota question!
  199. Daily Gratitude Part 5
  200. An act of kindness...Being Thankful!
  201. Roll Call for the Night Owls Season 8 Begins/Daytime Chat
  202. for those with arthritis
  203. the Ball Ground Art Gallery
  204. Today is Maryjane's Birthday!!
  205. How many Cancer Survivors do we have here?
  206. Rosieh20 and her hubby seriously need our prayers!!
  207. Whoo Hooo I'm on,
  208. Christmas trees?
  209. trenarah
  210. Happy Easter
  211. Happy easter eveyone!
  212. What a Beautiful and Powerful Story They Have
  213. Just some very simple pillowcases for me
  214. Dish garden
  215. menieres disease
  216. cp or tablet??......?
  217. My Daughter's Here
  218. Where are the Homemakers? 2nd Edition
  219. Regional food
  220. How To Start A Business Online?
  221. Household Hint
  222. new loom!
  223. Hello, help
  224. My daughter Left
  225. Dental phobia
  226. Champeen vermin burger
  227. a nice group
  228. My Ice Tea Drinkers!!!
  229. Raffle Has Begun
  230. Light up crochet hooks
  231. Thank goodness yarn has no expiration date
  232. Terrarium
  233. I need to fight this cancer
  234. Florida Meet-Up?
  235. Neatest little yarn shop in Paige, TX
  236. Youngest Grandson Is In The Hospital!
  237. 10 Commandments of Crochet: From a magazine I saw once:
  238. ARGGHHH - What Was I Thinking?
  239. My home and yard
  240. dds results
  241. Meet My New Great Grandson!
  242. Favorite Recipes
  243. Prayer Request
  244. Is anyone else feeling that...
  245. Spring Dreams and Goals by Butterflyrose
  246. What's On Your Hook Today?
  247. Ideas Needed for a Stay-At-Home Vacation
  248. I am back! Kayemory
  249. My Prayers are in Boston
  250. I may be off line for a while