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  1. Choo Choo train
  2. Simple Vest
  3. to those asking for the pineapple runner pattern
  4. Boys toddlerT4
  5. Wedding Name Doily
  6. Baby Blanket for baby girl
  7. lap shoulder baby gown
  8. Thread crocheted Bible Cover
  9. Name Doily with hearts and flowers
  10. owl cocoon blanket
  11. crochet angles pattern
  12. Looking for Dallas crochet pattern for afgan
  13. African flower hippo
  14. Eiffel Tower free applique pattern
  15. Poop Emoji Blanket Pattern
  16. criss cross shells afghan..
  17. What is this!?!?!
  18. Looking for Siamese cat afghan pattern
  19. crochet pattern sailing ship
  20. Crochet Maxi Skirt
  21. looking for a pattern for a table runner
  22. Thread crochet bib
  23. Baby Doll clothes patterns needed
  24. Virus Blanket!
  25. Looking for this pattern please
  26. Oval Cloth Chrysanthemum and Pine Cones #23
  27. Philadelphia Eagles Logo
  28. Barefoot Gladiator Sandals) Pattern Needed Please !!
  29. chergram
  30. Looking for pattern
  31. Hunting for a rectangle crocheted scarf for end table
  32. help with a pattern
  33. Snowman
  34. Looking for: Crochet World June 1980
  35. Easy crochet blanket - Starburst stitch blanket tutorial
  36. Pattern Request: Granny Square with Rose
  37. Looking for a shell pattern
  38. Looking for Afghan Pattern
  39. Searching For A Lost Cause
  40. Looking for this crocheted jacket pattern
  41. Crochet case for needles pattern
  42. Crochet pattern with Bernart baby blanket yarn
  43. Mickey Mouse Afghan
  44. crochet jacket pattern in Russian
  45. Looking for this pattern
  46. Help with the name of a stitch
  47. Nativity scene pattern
  48. Pattern for This Beautiful Sweater
  49. New to crochet: Need help with flower pattern
  50. Looking for pattern for Atlanta Falcons afghan
  51. Does anyone have a pattern for this blouse?
  52. Does anyone have a pattern for this shrug?
  53. Sweater with a G
  54. Purple filet crochet purse pattern
  55. Those gals looking for the Pineapple runner, pease contact me privately thru the foru
  56. Pattern needed for Thick and Quick Lion brand
  57. Bikini Pattern help
  58. strange pattern request..looking for a pattern for a recreational trailer to crochet.
  59. always searching for flat angel patterns, anyone?
  60. 80's magazine
  61. 3catlady, perhaps this is the doll?
  62. Celtic crochet dish cloth pattern
  63. Steadygojo
  64. Crochet world magazine
  65. Free Stuffed Animals
  66. Looking for Wave Baby Blanket Pattern
  67. Need pattern for this edging
  68. Help
  69. Stitch
  70. Looking for easy table runner
  71. Name Doily
  72. Six sided granny square
  73. Christmas Tree Skirt
  74. Can't get to this pattern...HELP
  75. Easy crocheted goat pattern
  76. Looking for Coats and Clark pattern
  77. sorry Barb, don't know where to post, cleared cookies
  78. Help with Crochet Charts software
  79. Double Wedding Ring Blanket
  80. Larissa, the filet queen, can you help out?
  81. Looking for Barefoot Sandal pattern
  82. know this is knit, but am hopeful just the same,
  83. Anyone know how to crochet a bow?
  84. Crochet Arabic letters
  85. Spots and polka dots
  86. Pouch pattern
  87. guidance to pattern
  88. sweater pattern
  89. kufi hat tutorial or easy pattern
  90. c2c Afghan patterns
  91. Help please
  92. you ladies that are looking for the pineapple runner, PM me please?
  93. Dog pattern
  94. Looking for free dog sweater pattern
  95. crochet slippers
  96. Crinoline doiiles
  97. chergram
  98. American flag with 5 soldiers
  99. Looking for specific vintage bedspread pattern
  100. Pattern request
  101. Looking for pattern
  102. Newborn diaper cover
  103. Morrissia's Request for Easy Patterns
  104. Crazy Stitch or corner to corner stitch
  105. crochet pattern for sweater for 1kg puppy
  106. Crochet Baby Doll Carrier - Free Pattern
  107. Alice Brooks #7387
  108. Geoff the Westie
  109. baby peapod pattern
  110. Bunny Pattern
  111. SUDOKU afghan by Rosanna Huffman
  112. you are my sunshine blanket
  113. translate pattern
  114. Pineapple doily with ribbon
  115. Laura Wheeler Circular Jacket pattern
  116. Pattern easy crochet
  117. chergram
  118. decorate crochet pattern - spirals and scallopa doily
  119. always trying to find FLAT angel decorations, I pass along to the elderly
  120. Looking for this pattern
  121. chergram
  122. Looking for a Dog Bone Dish Mat Pattern
  123. Desperately looking for a vintage Winnie the Pooh pattern
  124. Desperately looking for a Hat for my Male dog
  125. Desperately trying to find what pattern this is
  126. Crochet baby blanket pattern
  127. Firefighter outfit for new born
  128. Small Bear
  129. Desperate for some one to translate pattern
  130. Looking for Specific Pillow Pattern
  131. Help Finding English Pattern for Primula, Please
  132. Size 10 Thread Flower/Plant Patterns
  133. Poncho pattern
  134. Swaddle
  135. Two color easy double crochet edging pattern
  136. I'd Like Instructions for This Stitch
  137. Looking for pattern for a child's poncho.
  138. Repairing blanket for a friend. Need help identifying stitches/pattern.
  139. Seeking pattern for Butterfly shawl or poncho
  140. Help! Lacy Circle
  141. Pride colour Afghan
  142. ISO: name of this stitch
  143. Southwestern cables afghan
  144. crochet pocket to hild remote control and other thing that will hang from hospital b
  145. Looking for a rose and ruffles afghan
  146. Afghan Baby Blanket Pattern
  147. Chrysanthemum with pine cone crochet table runner
  148. Pattern name request
  149. Trying to find reasonably priced 18" dolls
  150. looking for crochet horse rug
  151. filet crochet
  152. Seeking Moda Dea J18.0129, Metro: Crochet Cropped Chevron Jacket Pattern
  153. Looking for this pattern
  154. Looking for this pattern
  155. In search of
  156. Looking for pattern 1013 Mary Buse Melick
  157. Any tutorial for this crochet?
  158. Looking for this pattern
  159. Pattern wanted please help
  160. Help identifying this stitch please!
  161. Looking for a pattern like this
  162. Help! Im looking for this kind of pattern.