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  1. Santa fridgie-magnet?
  2. Bulky yarn hat patterns for men?
  3. Crochet slipper patterns
  4. looking for a classic vest pattern.
  5. earrings with yarn and beads
  6. Toddler's Dress
  7. chergram looking for easy shawl pattern
  8. capes
  9. A Easy Crochet Doll Pattern
  10. Calling all crocheters.... Anyone have patterns for doll dresses
  11. Spiderman hat
  12. Doll Poncho
  13. crochet a sewing horse
  14. Mariner's Compass
  15. crocheted toy car
  16. Large Christmas Tree made out of Crochet Thread
  17. crochet pattern for a penguin..
  18. Doily pattern book that was posted last month
  19. Easy circular vests
  20. Sir Helmet Hat
  21. Looking for easy baby sweaters, layettes, cocoons
  22. Help with locating this "chrysanthemum" pattern
  23. wanted: pattern for afghan
  24. Wanted: crochet Xmas stockings
  25. vintage doilies
  26. Alf pattern
  27. Wanted: Scoodie?!
  28. Please help!!
  29. Wanted baby hat with earflaps
  30. Cell phone pouch with well defined corners (like a box), and with long, wide strap
  31. pattern needed
  32. Doily pattern booklet
  33. Thread Crochet Patterns
  34. Towel Topper Crochet Patterns
  35. Boys Beanie
  36. Looking for Pattern Santa Cushion or Pillow
  37. Need a flat bird pattern for a pillow
  38. deer pattern
  39. Needed quickly please - Fishnet sling/hammock for holding stuffed animals
  40. Nylon net scrubbies?
  41. Dallas Cowboys Afghan
  42. Hairbands
  43. HI everyone.
  44. Need Crochet Pattern
  45. Collars for kitties
  46. I am trying to find a pattern for a Fisherman's Afgan
  47. Looking for granny square hooded poncho for child??
  48. looking for pa t terns
  49. In Search of a cuddly cow
  50. Looking for owl keychain crochet pattern
  51. crochet toddler dress
  52. Wrist warmers
  53. Crosheyed Link necklace or scarf.
  54. Long Vest Patter
  55. Rectangular Crochet Tablecloth pattern that can be done in one piece
  56. newborn crochet hats
  57. Glow worm
  58. Afghan pattern request
  59. Looking for baby fireman hat pattern
  60. Smurf Patterns
  61. horse shoe
  62. Crochet hat with scarf of cat.
  63. Baby's Clothing, Blankets etc.
  64. Toddler scarf pattern
  65. Looking for Men's ski mask
  66. Softball headband request
  67. Facial Scrubbie
  68. looking for shoulder shrug
  69. Mens hat
  70. looking for free crocodile stitch adult bootie pattern
  71. Baby Bunting Bag as seen on this site
  72. Frogs
  73. Sally Skellington
  74. Need pattern
  75. Ripple/Ruffled Xmas doily?-Shaddy
  76. Pineapple tablecloth
  77. Dog patterns
  78. Wanted: "FREE" BEAVER HAT pattern)
  79. Directions
  80. Crochet Rose Afghan
  81. Looking for back and arm pattern for sofa chair
  82. Need Easy Jacob Ladder Pattern
  83. Miss Shirley
  84. vest
  85. busdriver43512
  86. Magic circle
  87. nautical baby blanket pattern ideas
  88. Car or Truck-possibly squares afghan for a baby boy
  89. My Daughters Afghan I Made
  90. Looking for bubble guppy pattern for my grandson
  91. fancy infant dress
  92. small flat angel patterns?
  93. ear muffs
  94. X and O baby boy sweater set
  95. "Boyfriend Scarf" pattern?
  96. Looking for a pattern
  97. crochet quilt
  98. I need a free crochet pattern for a baby cocoon
  99. Would appreciate help finding pattern OR naming stitch!
  100. Does anyone have a free SIMPLE pattern for a fleur-de-lis design?
  101. Afghan pattern for pre-teen boy
  102. BOHO CHIC BEANIE earthy brown green cotton hat Crochet Beanie hat...
  103. crochet yardstick holder
  104. Child's Poncho With Sleeves(?)
  105. Minnie Mouse
  106. Need help finding a popcorn pattern
  107. Crochet kitchen-friendly towel topper
  108. momma duck and ducklings
  109. Girls long sweater crochet pattern
  110. Looking for minion hat
  111. Hats for cancer patients
  112. Looking for Crochet Doreen Set
  113. Looking for a hooded pullover sweateryouth size 10
  114. looking for this piney tablecloth pattern
  115. Help
  116. desperately seeking Crochet felted clogs
  117. looking for winnie
  118. Crochet pineapple stitch toddler dress
  119. Pattern Sample request
  120. looking for a pattern
  121. Shark slippers
  122. Shark slippers
  123. Looking for This Crochet Dog Costume for St. Patrick's Day
  124. ripple afghan pattern
  125. Crochet alphabet
  126. Re: Need Angel Pattern Please
  127. Claire Bacchi
  128. Sunflower pattern
  129. Preemie patterns
  130. crocheted earrings
  131. Favorite pillow?
  132. Newbie needs help
  133. looking for a pattern
  134. Animal Hat Pattern
  135. Sock top bootie
  136. Find a pattern request
  137. small crocheted cross
  138. baby hat pattern wanted
  139. scrubbke patters
  140. Looking for filet crochet wall panel
  141. Pattern request -9-12 size diaper cover
  142. Thread crochet pineapple ornament pattern
  143. Swimsuit cover-ups
  144. Help!
  145. Cecil Crocodile Pottie Peeker pattern from CroWorld back in 1986?
  146. Crochet Shorts "Found Site---Can't Find Pattern
  147. THREAD dress ups for Easter eggs
  148. strawhat29
  149. Amray, I think saw a Headband Pattern
  150. Crochet hat pattern??
  151. simple crochet pattern for baby dress (newborn)
  152. grannym24
  153. Looking for a Snood
  154. looking for pattern
  155. HUCKLEberry pie doll from Shortcake series?
  156. kitchen towel topper crochet
  157. embroidery patterns from workbaskets
  158. Yardsale book was lacking the graft to pattern
  159. Does anyone have the flower pattern on this hat?
  160. Coffee and Cream Diamonds Throw
  161. turtle(help)
  162. Amethyst gingham star afghan" crochet pattern
  163. looking for Baby outfits
  164. Fingeless Gloves
  165. looking for a memory
  166. Turkey Tissue Cover
  167. boys summer clothes
  168. Vintage patterns
  169. Christmas Patterns
  170. Yarn Specific Patterns?
  171. Pattern -Crochet Womens Cami/Tank top
  172. Need this pattern
  173. Peacock Doily from June 2010 Crochet World
  174. Are there FREE patterns for African Flower animals?
  175. Looking for bags
  176. Looking for no. 3 thread patterns
  177. Leg warmers
  178. Does anyone have this pattern???
  179. Knitting doll
  180. Written "Rings of Love" Instuctions
  181. Chemo hat with brim
  182. Looking for help to make a feather.
  183. Teacup Chihuahua Clothing/Accessories Wanted!
  184. border for existing baby blanket
  185. Spiral Crochet Doily Patterns
  186. Summer Hat
  187. Infant headbands
  188. Crocheting for Charity in Texas (Need Ideas)
  189. Jungle Buddies Blanket
  190. Annie's Lace Throw
  191. His & Her Gingham Afghans
  192. does anybody have a pattern posted in a workbasket circa 1979-1980
  193. NASCAR crochet patterns
  194. circle of hearts blanket
  195. Pattern request
  196. Searching for Specific Pattern
  197. small camisole with attached bloomer and small man union suit
  198. MM Pineapple Delight & MM Framed Blocked Throws
  199. i found it!
  200. dresser topper or baby patterns
  201. Looking for a teenage tank top pattern
  202. angel wings
  203. Crocheted Zip Tie
  204. Fireplace Filet with name
  205. Pattern for new yarn (crochet)
  206. owl
  207. Trying again: Looking for crochet chimise w/knee length drawers pattern
  208. MM Sweet Pea Blanket
  209. Newsboy baby hat pattern (newborn)
  210. Need help finding bath scrubbie pattern
  211. Looking for Butterfly dancer aphgan pattern
  212. Looking for a simple vintage type baby bonnet
  213. butterflies and hearts
  214. This is for Winnie2013
  215. Walker Tote or Caddy
  216. Alphabet afghan
  217. Credit Card Holder
  218. Can someone get this pattern for me?
  219. Pattern search
  220. Onesies - newborn to one year - pattern request
  221. don't know where to find this pattern
  222. Help with pattern
  223. Need help identifying a pattern
  224. whale patter
  225. Looking for woman's vest, light wt yet some warmth to it
  226. Crochet poodle afghan
  227. A good stitch for Manuela Thread
  228. Baby Booties
  229. American girl patterns
  230. Crochet rug pattern
  231. Amigurumi Attempt
  232. iso crescent shaped laceweight crochet shawl patterns
  233. Crochet slippers
  234. Geen cardigan
  235. Looking For Men's Crochet Vest Patterns
  236. instructions for the whale ghan from Mary Maxium?
  237. crochet shawl
  238. Afghans for boys
  239. Pineapple Stitch Coverlet
  240. jea
  241. star tree skirt
  242. cluster stitch??
  243. Looking for these wine bottle toppers, anyone?
  244. Patchwork Quilt Style Crochet Afghan Patterns Book Star Log Cabin Barn
  245. Crochet collars
  246. Christening dresses
  247. Ruffle pattern made with shell stitch.
  248. Celtic mosiac throw
  249. Looking for "Bed Time Prayer" filet chart Out of print
  250. Boys crochet winter hat pattern