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Here are feedback comments that have been received, from other online crochet enthusiasts like you:

I am so glad to find this wonderful site. I am new at crocheting and have learned so much!
-- Margaret

I love your site. I live to be able to talk to new people and gain new ideas..
-- Victoria

THANK YOU so much for putting this site together! It is a wonderful resource to users like me.
-- Meg

I have learned so much from your e-mails. I love to read information that you give. I have only been crocheting for a few years now, of course, in my spare time.
-- Sharon

I really appreciate all the information you give us. Your e-mails and forums bring me new ideas. I enjoy being able to ask questions as well.
-- Joan

Hi, Thank you so much for the material that you've given me! It is totally awesome! Keep up the good work!
-- Ashlee

I am so excited every week to get your new e-mail. It has great tips for beginners as well as those who have been crocheting for a while. Thanks again.
-- Missy

You have made your site so easy to maneuver through. I have recommended your site to my close friends and family members.
-- Barb

I love your site and look forward to reading new information. Thank you.
-- Gene

Thank you for the new direction you have given me. I am new to crocheting. Being able to talk to others who crochet has helped me a lot.
-- Samantha

I wanted to let you know how much I totally love reading your messages. I enjoy reading about others who crochet and the things they have learned. I have learned so much. I appreciate the work that it has taken to provide the site and newsletters together. It has been well worth it!
-- Jennifer

I love your newsletter. I also enjoy your site. It allows me to discuss challenges with others and gain new information. I login every day to learn new ideas and talk to other people.
-- Marie

I love your website. Thanks.
-- Ann

I can't wait to get your new newsletter in my e-mail box. I enjoy sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading it from the beginning to the end!
-- Emma

I love what I've learned so far. I am new to crocheting. Look forward to future ideas and discussions.
-- Peg

I am an experienced crochet individual. I am always looking for new techniques as well as new patterns. I have really enjoyed the time I have had available to access your site. I always look forward to your e-mail.
-- Faith

I have joined other newsletters; and yours is by far the best.
-- Karen

Hi, I wanted to let you know how excited I am about your site. I live in a remote location and get online to talk to my new friends. I have learned so much within the discussions.
-- Miranda

The information that I have gained from your e-mails and your forums has been outstanding.
-- Gwen

I am new to your news feed. What I've read so far has been very enlightening. I look forward to receiving your weekly newsletter, in the weeks to come.
-- Maleese

Hello from New York, I love your crochet information.
-- Patrice

Great tips and new ideas. Look forward to hearing from you.
-- Mae

Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your groups. I have developed a lot of new friendships and gained wonderful information. Thanks.
-- Tara

I'm so glad to have found your website!!! Thank you for the opportunity to sign up for your free newsletter.
-- Crystal

What a neat site! Can't wait to learn to crochet!
-- Elaine

Your e-mail is my most favorite. I look forward to reading it on a daily basis. Thank you for the daily digest.
-- Linda

This site is great!
-- Doris

Thank you so much for the creation of your newsletter. I enjoy learning about the proper tools, types of material to be used, as well as time-saving tips. I am glad that you have taken the time to put the newsletter together and share with others. I also wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your "feature." I thought it important to let you know the good job you are doing. Thank you again.
-- Della

Very informative and organized.
-- Maurice

Love CrochetTalk. Wonderful people, great ideas, love the pictures.
-- Tori

I've become more skilled and knowledgeable with CrochetTalk. I have learned how to improve my skills in crocheting, as well as pick up new ideas for future projects. I have learned how to overcome my fears of messing up. I have learned that crocheting is a process that takes time and effort. I would like to thank those who have encouraged me in my new journey. Thank you so much.
-- Dolly

Thanks for all that you put into your newsletters and website. I think the site is great.
-- Donna

The e-mail and website is very enjoyable. It is been very helpful to me. I've enjoyed picking on my crocheting again. It is very relaxing to me and I enjoy sharing thoughts and ideas with others. I can spend hours reading the information given online.
-- Lydia

Just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your message board.
-- Ms. Frank

As a newbie, I have enjoyed reading every newsletter that has been sent to me. I've even taken the time to save them on my computer files. I look forward to future materials. Thank you so, so much.
-- Rozina

I can't say how much I've enjoyed your site. I enjoy receiving your e-mails and having access to the wonderful information you provide.
-- Jamie

Thank you for the CrochetTalk website. Many of my friends have joined. We have all enjoyed your information. It is so helpful. Thanks.
-- Mia

This has been a fun group of to interact with. I have learned so many new ideas. I love to review the photos and plan new projects. I also plan to post some of my own in the near future.
-- Laura

Look forward to crocheting comments and suggestions made.
-- Abbie

Super, helpful information. Love it!
-- KK

I love to crochet, but have had very limited contact with others who enjoy the same. Thank you so much for giving us the site. I must say I've not been much of a computer person in the past. When I found your site, I joined for your newsletter. I also took some time to look at your message boards. I have actually enjoyed reading other's posts and looking at their projects. I have even made a few new friends. Thank you so much.
-- Tammee

I am really glad to be a part of this site. I have learned new techniques and tips. The information that I have gained has been extremely helpful. Sites like these are definitely needed. Thank you for the wonderful addition.
-- Teresa

WOW! What a wonderful site. I have learned so much. Thanks for inviting me to join.
-- Amanda

Your crochet forum is one of the best. Thank you for the different topics that we can look at. I think the question-and-answer section is wonderful. I also love reading the introductions of other people. I am always looking for new tips and new techniques to use.
-- Katarina

Good morning. My grandmother has always enjoyed crocheting. She has taught me how to get started. Now that I can crochet on my own, I enjoy looking for new patterns and new ideas. I really appreciate your site and learn a lot from it.
-- Elaine

Thank you for the quick response in mailing my newsletter. As I began reading it, I realized how valuable it is. I have not been crocheting for long, but have a desire to learn. I was so amazed at the information available to me.
-- MM

Veteran at crocheting. In the beginning I was hesitant to sign up for your newsletter. I have been crocheting for over 10 years. I really thought that I had learned all there was to learn. When I signed up for your newsletter and received your e-mails, I was amazed. There is more to crocheting then I realized. I am learning new information and encourage all those who crochet to join.
-- Mrs Greene

Love your advice. Love your site.
-- Mimi

Love reading other's comments. Also, I like to see what others have made. I also think the tutorials are a great idea. Thanks so much.
-- Angelica

Your site is a great resource for others. There are lots of great ideas. I personally love the projects posted.
-- Ruthie

Those are the kinds of things users are sending in everyday about our newsletter.

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