I had inquired about a yarn directly to Caron yarns, and this was the reply...

As of February 2012, Spinrite LP purchased the Caron Company.

At this time we have not made any final decisions as to which products we will
continue with and which ones will be discontinued.

All our current products can be seen on line at:
Caron International Yarn and Latch Hook Kits <http://www.caron.com/ouryarns.html>
if you are unable to find what you are looking for there, that means it was
discontinued before we purchased the Caron Company.

Thanks for contacting us, keep watch on the web site, any updates and changes
will be posted there.

Caron Yarns

Doris Erb
Consumer Support

Spinrite LP
320 Livingstone Ave. S.
Listowel, Ontario, Canada
N4W 3H3
Caron International Yarns and Latch Hook Kits <http://www.caron.com/>

It sounds as though the company will still be in existance, but will become part of Spinrite Yarns, just as Elmore-Pisgah did last year.

(Elmore-Pisgah is best known for its 'Peaches & Cream' yarns)